Jordan Parke: ‘Daniel May lying to get on Big Brother’

Daniel Wren

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Daniel Wren

According to an article at Cocktails and Cock Talk, First Dates contestant Daniel May, who caused controversy for saying ‘camp men’ make him ’embarrassed’ to be gay, has allegedly invented a homophobic assault in a bid to get on Big Brother.

Daniel May was matched with Paolo on the Channel 4 show First Dates, and the two seemed to hit it off. However, when Paolo said he liked wearing heels, May said, ‘I honestly don’t think I could walk down the street with someone that wears high heels. It’s not normal.’

After Daniel May faced a public backlash for saying he was ’embarrassed’ by camp men, he told Attitude he had been assaulted by two men in their late 20s near his home in Bromley. May claimed the attack forced him to move home.

According to the Birmingham Mail, May did not report the incident to police and couldn’t give a description of either of his attackers because they were wearing hoodies.

May said, ‘To be attacked was scary and shocking.

‘They asked if I was the faggot who was on TV. I replied I had been on TV, they then came over to me and punched me in the face.’

He added, ‘I have come up to live in Birmingham for the time being as I have friends here. I wanted to leave the scene in London especially after the assault. I haven’t lived in Birmingham long but the people seem so much more friendly up here.’

daniel may assault

The story was quickly picked up by other news channels, although the original article at Attitude was later pulled.

attitude screen shot

Screen shots are now circulating which claim to prove May invented the attack in order to gain public sympathy, although the origin and truthfulness of the screen shots remain unknown. According to the message, someone claiming to be May writes, ‘I didn’t self harm it was a mix of things i found in my kitchen to look like i had been beaten up!’

This person, who uses May’s picture, then goes on to say to his accuser, ‘stop trying to fuck me and get a grip old man’.


But these aren’t the only screen shots currently circulating about May. New screen shots also seem to indicate that May slept with Kim Kardashian fan Jordan Parke, who had plastic surgery to look like his idol. Though these screen shots, too, cannot be verified, Parke commented that he thinks May himself created them to create controversy.


The screen shot, if genuine, could only have come from May himself. But Jordan Parke says the screen shots are faked, and has provided his own screen shots to counter them.

We spoke to Parke, who said, ‘I have never even met Daniel, never spoken to him, let alone slept with him.’

He said, ‘He is lying to try and get attention (probably to get on Big Brother) as he is so fame hungry!’

The screen shot above seems to indicate that Parke added May first, and sent him a message about their ‘night’ together. But a screen shot provided by Parke seems to indicate that it was May who first added Parke, calling into doubt the veracity of the first screen shot altogether.

Both screen shots indicate a Vodafone UK handset with three bars of signal, although Parke’s screen shot appears to have been taken three hours earlier than May’s. It is, of course, possible to manipulate or create screen shots using software like Photoshop or GIMP.

daniel may friend request declined

Parke said, ‘[This is] him adding me, which I declined after seeing him on First Dates saying derogatory comments about the gay community.’

Parke went on to say that the screenshots circulating the net and suggesting a liaison between the two are ‘fake messages’ created from a message Daniel sent to him:

daniel may friend request

‘I obviously ignored it as this is what he used to create fake messages,’ he said. ‘I’ve got no time for losers like him!’

The screen shots have appeared at various blogs and on social media, although Daniel May hasn’t claimed they were taken by him or come from his phone.