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In recent years Doctor Who has had two successful spinoffs: Torchwood, which ran for four popular series and is currently on an indefinite hiatus, and The Sarah Jane Adventures, a stunning little show which was perfect in what it was – a children’s show – which unfortunately ended following the death of lead actress Elizabeth Sladen.

In its 50th year I think it is the perfect time to expand the mythos of the show once again, so I have devised several concepts which I think could work. Allons-y!

The Adventures of River Song

There have been numerous River Song spinoff ideas already proposed but I think it would be a good idea to have a single 13-episode run in which River has an adventure with each of the Doctors (including Peter Capaldi’s 12th incarnation and John Hurts mystery Doctor). It could work. We’ve already successfully seen Clara meet the First Doctor with the incredible use of CGI and editing skills so perhaps they could attempt this again to allow River to interact with them all? Failing that, recast them. I know some of you will already be screaming at your screens but we all know David Bradley is going to be fantastic playing the late William Hartnell in the upcoming 50th docudrama An Adventure in Time and Space so if they could find equally brilliant actors to portray the other Doctor’s then why not? And some of the later ones (say Peter Davison onwards) could always return to the role. They still look… Passable.


How about a remake of the classic sitcom Friends set in New New York on New Earth? We could have a group of 6 friends – 2 Cats, 2 Humans, an Ood and a Silurian. We could explore their ever-complicated romantic lives as Catkind Monica dates numerous androids and Slitheen before finally falling for the Ood Chandler. Of course, all of this would take place in Central Perk near New Central Park. The Duke of Manhattan from New Earth could crossover for a multi-episode arc in which he dates Human Rachel and Brannigan could try and woo Silurian Phoebe. It could even be remade for a contemporary audience in which Ood Chandler falls for Cat Joey and they embark on a gay love affair. It sounds cheesy and it’s destined to fail, of course, but you know you’d watch it.

The Maldovarium

The Maldovarium, which featured in The Pandoria Opens and A Good Mane Goes To War could serve as the backdrop to a drama in which we meet various bar patrons and explore their lives. A host of alien’s could serve as the principle characters and it could feature stories such as inter-species lover affairs, date rape, homosexuality, murder and backstabbing. Dorium, of course, would cross over from Doctor Who along with several of the characters briefly seen in The Pandorica Opens and Madame Kovarian could function as the baddie, constantly trying to get information from Dorium and shut the bar down.

Doctor Who Has Already Been

This programme would initially begin as a spinoff of a spinoff, emerging after the successful run of The Adventures of River Song and it could see the older Doctor’s taking centre stage one more for various adventures. A series of First Doctor stories (featuring a recast Doctor with a new companion) followed by the Second, the Third, and so on. We could also see some adaptions of the Big Finish audio stories that have expanded the Eight Doctor’s role. It would be a perfect way of expanding the mythology of the show without interfering with the current series.

Unified Intelligence Taskforce

This could work in two ways: either with the current series or the classic series. For the former it would work in a similar vein to Torchwood in which we would see the UNIT team deal with various alien incursions whilst also exploring the lives of the numerous team workers. Essentially it would be everything that Marvels Agents of Shield should be but isn’t. For the latter the show could run alongside the classic series – the adventures of the Doctor’s set on Earth would be referenced but not seen – and it would explore how the team deals with alien invasions when the Doctor isn’t around to step in. There have been dozens of UNIT workers throughout the course of the show so new actors could take on these roles alongside new characters for the show. And also it would lead to further crossovers from Doctor Who Has Already Been. Fantastic!

Convention 15

Convention 15 would be similar to Unified Intelligence Taskforce except set in space and it would feature the Shadow Proclamation dealing with various alien threats on other planets and space stations. The Judoon and the Shadow Architect from The Stolen Earth would feature in expanded roles and the premise of the show would feature the characters looking for the Doctor, to charge him or the various crimes he has committed. This could lead to an appearance of the Doctor in the grand finale. This would be the perfect show to expand the mythology of Doctor Who by introducing numerous species and planets that could feature in Doctor Who in later series.


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