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Doctor Who Anime

(If you would like to skip my ramblings and head straight for the video then please go ahead, just come back and read everything after you’ve done that)


I’ve had an exceptionally busy week. We have had seven new people join the Vada team and I have been designing brand new layouts for the website. Needless to say I have unfortunately let things slip a little bit. However, nothing can stop me holding back on my insane Doctor Who obsession, which is why I wanted to share this wonderful 80s Japanese style anime version of the Doctor Who classic series with you all.

This is a fan made piece from start to finish and features absolutely amazing animation, especially when you remember that literally a single person drew and animated everything from start to finish. The colours and art style make the short feel as though it actually is a lost episode from an 80s Saturday morning cartoon. All of the voices are taken direct from the Classic Series and mixed to create an entire new plot.

John Pertwee stars as the Doctor and the piece features both Rodger Delgado and Anthony Ainley as their respective versions of the Master. Featuring heavily are the Imperial Daleks as noted by their white and gold livery, and the Cybermen who appear genuinely terrifying in scenes that show how they were once Human. There are lots of other small bits for classic series veterans to look out for, particularly of note is the inclusion of Davros as the Dalek Emperor, a Special Weapon Dalek (as recently featured in ‘Asylum of the Daleks’), a brief appearance of a Sontaran and a wonderful cameo of Sutekh from the classic series episode ‘Pyramids of Mars’.

Anyway, since I have spoilt enough of this by rambling on, please go ahead and watch the video below. Next week begins the first of my Doctor Who Anniversary Retrospectives.

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