Dr. Dre Really Wants You to Take His Pill

James Dix

Dr. Dre’s Beats Pill keeps popping up in music videos, but where do we stand on product placement?

You expect to see a commercial during an advert break. You expect to see advertisements in your sidebar on Facebook. But should we expect to see advertising in a music video?

Product Placement in music videos is not uncommon. If Britney Spears has a new perfume out, you can be sure to see it in her music video. It is her video and her product so that is justifiable, right?

Sometimes the advertising can be a bit embarrassing. Using a star to promote trainers through a song called ‘Sneakernight’ probably won’t increase sales.

Watch Vanessa Hudgen’s video with glowing shoelaces at the height of her fame. Before you ask yourself, yes those are all of Ryan’s hats from High School Musical.

Your views on this might be mixed, but the concept is here to stay. The more popular a video is the more the product is seen and becomes familiar.

One item that isn’t shy of the camera is the Beats Pill by Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre’s speakers and headphones are becoming increasingly popular, but is it the product that is popular or the promoting? I haven’t seen anyone with a Beats Pill yet, though I keep seeing them in music videos.

The Beats Pill is a Bluetooth wireless audio system. In other words, a portable speaker you can connect your phone to. The Pill’s RRP price is approximately £170, so you would expect good care to be taken of it. The product placement however, shows a different story.

A bicycle on a basket? Normal. A portable speaker on a bicycle? Abnormal. Watch the video below for an explanation.

Yes, Eminem likes to keep his pill on the front of a bicycle and drive around with it blasting out his music. I guess he can afford another one if it drops off the front and he rides over it.

It can even be used as a weight for when you are doing your usual exercises. That is if you are a skinny model in her underwear and weren’t planning on breaking a sweat anyway. The Pill is designed to be lightweight, so no muscle growth there ladies. The video link below explains all to a very popular song.

Miley Cyrus shows us how to turn up the volume of a YouTube/Vevo video with it.

Now that Cyrus’s video has broken the Vevo record for 100 million views in the fastest time, surely the Pill will become a staple accessory for any teenage girl.

Cyrus also shows off Eos lip balm in the video. Why not bring out a perfume range that isn’t you dressed up as Hannah Montana, Miley?

Dr.Dre’s marketing company have reached out to various genres of music to promote the Beats Pill. This clever marketing strategy has seen Beats become a fashion accessory.

In the end it doesn’t seem to matter how good the speaker is, but the named brand is like wearing a Jack Wills T-Shirt. Instantly cool at a cost.

Product placement will always be there, whether you recognise it or have it thrust upon you.

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