Electro Velvet – Eurovision 2015

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So here we have it, after an open submission Electro Velvet have been selected with their song ‘Still in Love with You’, an electro-swing song from duo Bianca Nicholas and Alex Larke.

Bianca was a contender on the Voice, however no judge turned their chair, whilst Alex has been going round in a Rolling Stones tribute band called the Rolling Clones.

Alex teaches music part-time, having spent the last year working with children and young adults with learning disabilities.

Bianca has found herself dueting with Will Young and has performed for Princes William and Harry as well as the Duchess of Cambridge.

The song was written by David Mindel and Adrian Bax White. Mindel has worked with Olivia-Newton John, Barry Manilow and John Travolta. White is a classically trained instrumentalist who has spanned pop to fusion Jazz.

The song itself isn’t overly ‘Eurovisiony’, which isn’t a bad thing, as pundits have said for the UK to win the contest again we need to prove to Europe that we take it seriously – and rather than fielding singers from yesteryear we need to field more new singers.

The 1920s side of it is quite catchy, however personally I am no fan of the random scatting in the middle of the song, which brings the energy down a bit.

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A total of 40 countries will be competing at the 60th (increasingly inaccurately named) Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna in May with this year, with the addition of Australia defying geography as well as reason. As we get closer and closer to May, European nations are announcing their songs week by week.

The UK, as part of the ‘Big Five’, already qualifies for the final. Last year, Molly Smitten-Downes came 17th with 40 points for her song ‘Children of the Universe’ in Copenhagen. In Malmö, Bonnie Tyler came 19th with 23 points. So we may have to go a few more years to claw our way back.

Electro Velvet can’t do any worse than the UK’s last duet to the Eurovision Song Contest with Gemini and their ‘nil points’.

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