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Fevers are a self-dubbed electro-indie-rock 5-piece from Ottawa, Canada.  Their debut album, No Room For Light, was released earlier this year and it is a stunning showcase of twinkling electronic synths and soaring vocals.

An eclectic range of songs from loud to slow and down-tempo beats highlight exactly what this band can achieve; songs which sound timeless. The retro beats on ‘Pray For Sound’ could be from the 80s, but lead vocalist Sarah Bradley’s child-like vocals help create a song simple but stunning. The repetitive harmonizing at the close helps it stick in the listeners’ heads. It’s a similar trick played on the final song ‘The Veil’ which combines synths and heavy drum and bass to create a song which could be from any number of eras, but nevertheless sounds contemporary and in place with the rest of the album’s vibe.

‘Autumn’s Dead’ is a slow-burning opener which culminates in a euphoric ending in its final act. It’s epic in scope; the twinkling burst of music which introduces this is infectious and played across subtle vocals that are truly goose pimple inducing, in a similar vein to ‘Goodnight’, which is sweeping and cinematic itself and combines rock and pop with slight infusions of electronic.

‘Monuments’ and ‘They Don’t Lie’ are haunting and stunning in their simplicity, with the former combining ethereal dull beats and a subtle, quiet vocal, and the latter comprising of raspy lyrics over a simple, down-tempo piano ballad, showing that sometimes unpretentious is better. It’s a huge contrast with ‘They Want Blood’ where the production overshadows the vocals somewhat and overall it sounds like too much is going on.

But it’s ‘Dance Cry Dance’ which showcases exactly how good this band is. The stand-out track is slightly reminiscent of The Gossip, with a loud, big chorus and vocals that could be compares with Beth Ditto’s powerhouse efforts. Electronic beats surge throughout as the song builds to a gorgeous conclusion. No Room For Light consists of a range of songs which showcase exactly what the band can achieve and, aside from a couple of slow and ultimately forgettable songs (‘ENFP’ and ‘Look Alive’), it is a brilliant debut.

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