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Living up to its name, the seventh episode of Game of Thrones’ fifth season was certainly a gift for the fans. Some huge moments from the book finally came to fruition and a lot happened.

There is a general consensus amongst fans that season five has dwindled somewhat, what with the changes from the novels and the more streamlined mode of storytelling, but such qualms cannot be said for this episode. Game of Thrones is veering drastically towards the end of the season, and after this episode you know it’s going to be a stunning conclusion.

As always, our top OMG moments are below, in no particular order.

The Dragon and the Lion

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 14.53.48

I think it is safe to say that I wasn’t the only fan with a giddy look upon my face as Tyrion sauntered into the fighting pit to face Dany. The meeting of these two characters thus fas hasn’t occurred in the novels (though it is confirmed to happen in book six) but this is a change I think people will accept.

Tyrion and Dany are perhaps the two most love characters in the entirety of Game of Thrones so their meeting has to be legendary. It is only going to get better. There was a VERY brief reference to the Great Pit of Daznak towards the close of this episode. All I can say is this: wait until the dreaded nine. ‘The Dance of Dragons’ will render Tyrion and Dany’s union legendary.

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I feel like Tyrion is trying to prove himself this season. After ending the last season as a kinslayer, the often ridiculed dwarf is trying to prove that his stunted stature shouldn’t be cause for ridicule. I laughed out loud when he beat the slave master as it showed that Tyrion is more than capable of looking after himself. I only hope he isn’t forced to fight in the pits because I don’t think he would be able to look after himself there. And, as a side note, where the hell is Varys? I miss him.

Whilst Tyrion is trying to prove himself to others, Dany, I feel, is trying to prove herself to herself. She was very uncomfortable when Daario said that she was the only person in Meereen who wasn’t free, as was she during the fighting. She is out of her comfort zone, and the death of Barristan is showing. She is out of her depth. She is a queen without consult, a mother without children. But she IS the blood of the dragon. And her dragons are going to get angsty…

Cersei’s comeuppance 

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Cersei’s fall from grace has been a LONG time coming, but for me, as a huge fan of Cersei, is was horrible to watch. I know I am in a minority but I absolutely adore Cersei. Seeing her fractured in shackles will torture me. My only hope is that she can become a better person once penance has been paid…

Cersei’s upcoming arc will break her and then remake her and I think many fans will finally come to empathise with her. You may find that hard to believe right now, but if the show deals with Cersei’s penance quite how it does in the novels then trust me, you will come to feel sorry for her.

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Though she often does so in a warped way, Cersei’s only care is her children. The scene in which she hugged Tommen harkened back to when she was preparing to kill him way back in season two. She adores Tommen. But her meeting with Maggy the Frog will be constantly playing upon her mind so it is understandable why she felt she needed to get Margaery out of the way. I predict a catfight will come – with only one victor. Please, please, please let it be Cersei.

The Dragon falls

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 14.58.00

With Maester Aemon’s demise, Dany is the last known dragon, and she didn’t even know who he even was. That’s sad, right?

I think Aemon’s death was rushed. When last we saw him he was giving great council to Jon, and then all of a sudden he is ailing in bed and delusional. Perhaps his death should have been played out over an extra episode, or even just an extra scene.

But anyway. Sam’s eulogy was heartfelt, even if it was tarnished by Alliser Thorne’s threats to Sam. I despise Alliser – I wish he had died last season during the battle.

Sam and Gilly finally get it on

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 15.01.15

This was a good week for Sam, because he and Gilly finally, finally, got it on. This has been a long time coming. I don’t think the rationale behind Sam breaking his vows was explored as much as it should have been, but this was a fist pump moment. The fat boy got the girl.

He’s had to fight for her, though. There was almost another scene of rape, but Sam stepping in and saving Gilly showed that for every bastard, there is a good guy ready to fight them. Sam is the complete opposite of Ramsay, and for that I love him. I only hope that the guilt Sam will feel over breaking his vows is explored somewhat.

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The Queen of Thorns is… thorny 

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 15.03.19

Olenna’s line of Loras shagging ‘some perfumed ponce’ was almost as funny as ‘a sword swallower through and through’! I bloody love Olenna.

She doesn’t know what to do, though, and she is very pissed off that her grandchildren have been incarcerated. But thankfully she is bequeathed a gift in the form of a boy – the very boy which leads to Cersei’s downfall. This does, however, beg the question once more of just who does Littlefinger serve. He provided Cersei with Olyvar which ultimately led to the downfall of Loras and Margaery, but now he has provided Olenna with Lancel which leads to Cersei’s downfall. Surely it would have been quicker just to get Cersei arrested? I think his only loyalty is to Sansa. Of that I am certain.

Reek can no longer be redeemed

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 14.59.41

Talking of Sansa, more horrors have been inflicted upon her since the sickening close of last week. Whilst I did hold out some hope that Reek would be able to redeem everything he has done by aiding Sansa, that hope has all gone now. Rather than helping Sansa to escape, he tells Ramsay all about her plan and stands by as Ramsay flails the poor Northerner.

I know that Reek is a husk of his former self but Sansa reminded him exactly who he was. And yet he choses not to help her. For that Reek cannot be redeemed in my eyes, even if he ultimately does chose to help her. He allowed her pain to go on. I hope Sansa turns badass and kills both Ramsay and Reek.

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