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I’d like to preempt this weeks OMGame of Thrones by stating that I will not be watching the leaked episodes of Game of Thrones, so everything I discuss will be based on speculation of THIS WEEK’S episode – i.e. if something I say contradicts something that happens in the coming episodes, so be it.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way… ‘The Wars to Come’ was the perfect opening episode for Game of Thrones, doing something which is now the trend for Game of Thrones: opening a season slowly, setting the scene, and then dealing out the death.

We had dragons, deceit and death – what more could you want?

What follows is our top OMG moments of ‘The Wars to Come’ – in no particular order…

Maggy the Frog

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 20.34.16

The opening scene was everything I, as a book reader, wanted. This scene was magnificently recreated for the show and Jodhi May played Maggy with relish. She was succinctly evil and delicious to boot. Her premonition of Cersei’s future helped to frame the woman she became: she will bear three children, whilst her husband will father 20 (this one has come true); all of her children will wear golden crowns, and die in golden shrouds (two of her children, Joffrey and Tommen have bore golden crowns, and one has died); and a younger, more beautiful queen will cast Cersei down – we’re looking at you, Margaery. Expect this rivalry to swell over the coming weeks…

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The Harpy is Toppled

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 20.38.32

Wow. Just… wow. This opening eddy affirmed the notion that much more money has been tossed at HBO’s staple show – quite how the producers managed to create this scene on a television budget I have no idea, but it was glorious to behold. It was a powerful opening to Dany’s season five storyline, and added a lot of intrigue. I did expect it to happen later in the season though, around the Daznak’s Pit elements.

Just who are the Sons of the Harpy? And what could an Unsullied do in a brothel? Expect the latter to be answered shortly, as I think it is pretty much a given that Missandei and Grey Worm will get it on (or at least attempt to) this season.

Sansa’s New Direction

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 20.41.24

Incorporating all new material (which may or may not occur in the novels, though I’m guessing it will), Sansa is as cool as ice now that she had a new colour of hair. She has grown a lot over the past season, and is looking and acting more and more like her mother of yesteryear.

Littlefinger affirms his ploy of taking Sansa somewhere the Lannisters can never find her, though quite where this is I have no idea. The Lannisters are dropping like flies, so it may be harder than ever for them to find her. Whatever the case, I am excited to see this story play out. Sophie Turner is a stunning actress, and it’s nice to see Sansa free from the Lannisters – though I do expect she is in even more trouble now that she is coupled with Littlefinger. I don’t trust him at all.

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Betrothed Siblings

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 20.43.06

I still cannot decide who I’d rather win in a fight between Cersei and Margaery. I love them both, and I think they would each have an equal chance of winning. They are both deliciously evil, though Margaery is much more refined in her ability to undermine the Queen Regent.

And for those of you complaining about the ratio of male to female nudity, there’s not one, not two, but three naked males in the opening episode, two of whom are getting it on. I’m glad that Loras’ sexuality is much more prominent in the show than it is in the books, but it isn’t surprising. HBO are renown for their depiction of the LGBT community, even if they just cancelled one of my favourite shows ever… ahem.

I doubt Loras and Cersei will ever marry, but if I were Tommen I’d be running for the hills. Margaery’s husbands have a history of dying.

The Dragons aren’t happy 

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 20.46.52

I got so giddy when I heard Hizdahr zo Loraq requesting Dany to reopen the fighting pits, because books readers know what that means. If you’ve not read the books – it is definitely worth the wait. Like, seriously.

Expect a royal wedding this season (yes, another one…) as Dany takes a husband. I expect this will be Dany’s best season to date, because Dany and her dragons together makes TV gold. Viserion and Rhaegal have grown substantially between seasons, and they are currently in their moody teenage years as they attempt to murder their mother. We’ve all done it, let’s be far.

But where is Drogon? Well, the trailer for episode two hints that he is lurking in the shadows, so expect a brotherly reunion soon.

Mance Burns

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 20.48.26

I adore Mance Rayder and Ciarán Hinds is just brilliant. His execution was pretty much pitch perfect in that it was harrowing and shocking in equal measure. Mance has barely featured but the power of the casting and writing for Game of Thrones is so great that we feel immense apathy for Mance. His death is heart wrenching because you can tell he doesn’t want to die, but he is too determined to remain strong. But like Charles Dance’s return as Tywin Lanniser, this may not be the last we’ve seen of Mance.

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I loved that Jon gave him a more humane death. This was perhaps Jon’s greatest scene to date. Expect some backlash for Jon – both good and bad. And speaking of Jon, I think Melisandre has the hots for him. Hots, geddit?

Tyrion’s Choice

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 20.33.10

‘Who said anything about him?’

Just the thought of Dany and Tyrion together gives me the chills, and if the teaser poster for Game of Thrones season five is anything to go by, Tyrion and Dany will be crossing paths before long.

I simply adore Varys, and Varys coupled with Tyrion is just the best. After trading barbs about Tyrion’s shit (yes, you read that right), Varys unveils his grand plan to help Dany ascend the Iron Throne. His grand scheme has been a long time coming, and it’s good to see him finally get some screen time. Varys is criminally underused, though he should had a lot to do this season now that they’ve extended his role and brought him to Pentos with Tyrion. And for those fact lovers amongst you, Illyrio Mopatis, the owner of the manse Tyrion finds himself in, is the very same man from the first ever episode of Game of Thrones who introduced Dany to Khal Drogo. A long game is afoot indeed.

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