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Here are two television news stories which have caught my eye this past week:

Gay wedding in Glee

After posting a teasing image on Twitter of a wedding veil with the caption ‘Exciting day on the set of Glee’, Naya Rivera has sparked hope that a happy ending awaits her character Santana in the smash-but-dwindling Fox show.

Glee is gearing up to premiere its sixth and final season early next year and this latest image seems to confirm rumours that have been around the internet for a long time. It appears as though Santana and Brittany will be tying the knot midway through the season in what is billed to be a double wedding.

So who else will be getting married? We’re putting money on it being Blaine, though whether it’s with Kurt or Karofsky remains to be seen. Given the information already released about this season we’re going to hazard a guess at Karofsky, but that maybe Kurt interrupts and somehow magically gets married to Blaine instead of him. Well, Glee certainly knows how to camp it up.

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In related news it has been confirmed that Alex Newell will be returning as Wade ‘Unique’ Adams, a trans teenager. We hope that her trans issues are dealt with more sensitively this season – perhaps we can see her make the decision to formalise her transition? That way at lease one of the five new additions in season four will have some importance.

Straight hick in The Walking Dead

After teasing the fandom for months, Robert Kirkman has confirmed that Daryl Dixon is in fact straight, which begs the question why tease it at all? Was it all a publicity stunt? Probably.

He told Chris Hardwick, who hosts Talking Dead, that Dixon ‘is actually straight’, before adding, ‘Coming back in our next half of the season, we are going to be introducing a very prominent gay character from the comics.’

The character in question is most likely Aaron, a surviver holed up at the Alexandria Safe-Zone, a location which hasn’t yet appeared in The Walking Dead television show. After introducing a number of black characters in the past two seasons there has been a call for more diversity amongst the zombie-outbreak survivors.

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