Glee Returns – The 5 Worst Performances

James Dix

Glee is set to return for a fifth season on October 4th in the UK and the 26th of September in the US. This season, the show is continuing from where it left off in Season 4. Fingers crossed for Klaine fans.

In this countdown, the top five worst performances are going to be remembered from last season. We hope that these mistakes will never be repeated, seriously, prepare to cringe.


Centerfold/Hot in Herre

Now the video is pretty homoerotic and that is okay with us. The problem unfortunately is the singing and song choice.

The new boys try their best, but the New Directions have never sounded as good as the original cast.

To add some context, the song is from the episode Naked where the boys pose for a naked calendar.

I do not think many schools would let students sell a shirtless calendar, but anything seems to go on Glee.


Hung Up

Five out of five for reviving Madonna, but Tina has never been a diva and it feels very forced.

Costume is a major part of this performance, the Madonna leotard, Kitty’s unflattering blue top/dress and a dazzling quick change into leathers.

This is camp, but it missed being fabulous.


I Still Believe/Super Bass

Take two divas, mash their songs together, put super cute Darren Criss in knitwear, shake it up with Coach Sue, and watch it unfold… badly.

If you remember the Mariah Carey track from 1998, well done, but Glee’s target age group are unlikely to remember the cheesy nineties ballad.

We thought Blaine had good taste singing It’s Time by Imagine Dragons before it was cool, unfortunately he gets beaten badly in this unusual mash-up.



A guilty pleasure episode sounded like a good idea. It was an excuse to sing Spice Girls. Unfortunately there is never a good time to whip out the Spanish jacket and shake maracas.

The worst part is that the song gets stuck in your head and you end up humming it at work. Slightly awkward.

Can I just ask, why does Sam keep getting stupider?


The Bitch is Back/Dress You Up

Oh so gay and not in a good way.

Mixing Madonna and Elton tracks to pay tribute to their feud was pretty disappointing.

Perhaps it was because the songs really have nothing in common.

It might have even been Ryder’s dreadful sideburns and how he has been turned into a mini Finn Hudson behind the drum kit for the whole performance.

Regardless there is no excuse for such a lazy mash-up. Make Elton Proud Glee.


In season five, the first two episodes will be dedicated to songs by The Beatles. So it will be pretty hard to mess that up.

Glee will also pay tribute to deceased actor Cory Monteith in episode three. The episode will be called The Quarterback.

Glee is a comedy, some of these performances were meant to be funny, some weren’t. Take it with a pinch of salt I guess.

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