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I don’t think I am prepared for the ending of Glee. 

As hit-and-miss as this show is (okay, it’s more miss than hit) it is a guilty pleasure of mine and seeing the ending of ‘We Built This Glee Club’, along with the trailer for the finale, made me realise that it’s going to be a sob-fest all round. Especially when Cory Monteith pops up in archive footage as Finn Hudson.

His brief appearance at the close of ‘We Built This Glee Club’ came out of nowhere and nearly floored me. His swansong episode, ‘The Quarterback’, is one which I have never re-watched because of how brutally real it is. I just know that when we see the performance of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ next week that’ll be it – everyone will be sobbing. And reportedly the final episode will also feature of tribute to Cory/Finn, so you’d best have your tissues ready for the two-hour finale.

But back to this week. Competition episodes, for me, are notoriously dreary, because of the performances, so I generally fastforward these segments. I skimmed them this week, and I was glad to see Sue finally achieved one of her longest ambitions – to fire someone from a cannon! I find it hard to believe, though, that she would have sabotaged Vocal Adrenaline to help New Directions win – six years has lead to this. Really? But, like I said last week, I think Glee will end on a redemptive arc for Sue. She’s already pissed off Becky, and this week she pisses off Sheldon by stating he would be the prime attraction for a Nazi zoo owing to Sheldon’s recent gender reassignment surgery. This was hard viewing, and it made me wonder why Ryan Murphy included it. Sue supported Sheldon from the offset, so to have her suddenly insult him like this didn’t ring true for me. Yes, Sue has always skated the line of what is acceptable in terms of her humour, but I really didn’t like this jibe. But as I said, I think Sue will be redeemed in the finale and will become someone that the fans (and characters) love, and not just love to hate.

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Like I’ve said throughout this season, I really don’t care about the Glee club. I don’t care about the new-newbies. I don’t care about Spencer hurting his foot, or Roderick struggling with his weight. There isn’t enough time to care.

What I do care about is Rachel and the original characters, and thankfully Rachel makes a smart move for once and decides to return to NYADA. But she is going to be in the same city as Jesse St. James, who returned this week. And after their sneaky little kiss, I think there’s a possibility of a hook-up here. Please please please make this happen! I still cannot and will not accept Rachel and Sam, and I’d much rather she ended up with Jesse. Just so long as Sam ends up with Mercedes.

Ultimately I just want everyone to be happy. So here’s a quick rundown of what I want to see in the final two episodes, the first of which (‘2009’) will flashback to show how everything started and the second of which (‘Dreams Come True’) will flash into the future to show how everything pans out…

1. Santana and Brittany must be married and happy. Hopefully Santana’s grandmother will fully accept them as a couple, but I doubt there will be time to show this one.

2. Kurt needs to graduate NYADA and make it big on Broadway – he shouldn’t become a musician like Mercedes. He needs to be happily married to Blaine.

3. Rachel needs to graduate NYADA, too, and then make it big on Broadway. There is simply no other alternative I’ll accept for her.

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4. Sam and Mercedes should end up together. Or, failing that, Sam needs to be happy. I don’t much care about Mercedes anymore.

5. I want Kitty to be happy, so hopefully she’ll end up with Artie. But if Artie was to die, I wouldn’t mind that either.

6. Sue needs to redeem herself to Becky and Sheldon.

7. I want Sue and Will to actually become friends.

8. I want Sheldon to ultimately be happy with himself.

9. I want the alumni to return – all of them, including Marley, Jake and Ryder. And I want them to actually do something, other than appearing in just the final number. Or, failing that, I want at least some form of onscreen dialogue confirming what they’re up to now.

10. Rachel needs to end up with either Jesse, or a completely new character. Not Sam.

11. And finally, the tribute to Finn needs to be necessary, and not included just for the sake of it. We’ve said goodbye to him already.

So there we have it. Let us know in the comments what YOU want to see.

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