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A few weeks back I stated that Glee had delivered its worst episode since that stupid puppet show. I was wrong. ‘Child Star’ was utter rubbish.

With four of the nine main characters absent, and the alumni off doing whatever it is they do, this week focused squarely upon the New Directions. But with only four episodes (!) remaining, this was a risk that didn’t work. The only member of New Directions I care about much is Kitty; the rest I can take or leave. There simply isn’t enough time to care about them, and I’d much rather time spent with characters we’ve known for six years rather than six weeks.

So this week we saw Roderick battle with his weight (a storyline done before, with Mercedes and later Marley), gay footballer Spencer fall in love with Alistair (a storyline also done before, with Kurt and Blaine and later Santana and Brittany) and Mason attempt to free himself from his sister’s grasp to attempt a duet with Jane (once more, a storyline done countless times). It was only Kitty really who had no storyline, unfortunately.

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If this episode had come earlier in the run I may have cared more. But the absence of Blaine and Kurt, Santana and Brittany, Quinn and Puck and all the others was felt.

This week we were also introduced to Myron Muskovitz – an absolutely abysmal character. Seriously, he was a little diva that overacted every line performed. What a waste of an episode. Myron unfortunately looks to be recurring from now on, so I can only hope that in the fire that springs up in Dalton next week that Myron is somehow caught within it and burns to a cinder. This storyline barely deserves mention – four episodes left and we are treated to this tripe? Bah!

One good thing did arise from this episode; the war between Susie Q Sylvester and Will ‘Butt-chin’ Schuester is igniting once more. The showdown next week looks to be stunning, though Sue will probably meet her comeuppance. It is call ‘The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester’, after all…

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