Glee – The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester – Review

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Considering there are only three episodes (sob) left, does anyone particularly care that the Glee Club could end… again? You just know that Glee, a shown renowned for its positivity and upbeat nature, will end on a high, and that high will be the Glee Club triumphing against Sue, winning a load of awards, and (if the show flashes into the future, as most finales these days do) prospering with loads of members.

That said, ‘The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester’ was a hell of an episode. It was hilarious! And that was because it focused upon one of its best ever elements, something which has been missing in the past couple of seasons. Yes, the war between Sue Sylvester and Will Schuester was ramped up once more. Tenfold.

Dalton Academy burns to the ground this week. So? But it’s convenient, yes, because it means that the Warblers can join forces with the New Directions so that the New Directions have enough members to compete. But I have two problems with this storyline (other than the fact that it is massively over the top). Firstly: Will was surprised when Blaine told him the news. Surely if a WHOLE school had burned to the ground it would have been on the news or something… just saying. And secondly: it was just too easy for the two Glee Clubs to combine. In Ohio, it seems, it’s extremely easy to transfer schools. As if McKinley would have the room to accommodate all of these new students!

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The highlight of episode 10 was the extended interview with Sue, in which we rehashed all of her bad deeds to date, including segments from the other characters. Joe returned, for all of one line! When was this filmed? Where is Joe now? What is he up to? Does anyone care? I certainly don’t.

But it was hilarious and heartbreaking in equal measures, especially when Sue’s mother, Doris, returned and said that she had never loved Sue. I’m not surprised that Sue punched the interviewer!

Sue is really having a raw deal this week, as she is also fired when Becky turns on her and reveals her hurt locker. I predict this will lead to a redemptive arc for Sue in which she’ll try and earn Becky’s love once more. Like Will and Rachel, this relationship is weird, owing to the fact that they are a teacher and former pupil, but Sue and Becky belong together. Even is Sue is downright dastardly to the Glee Club and Will, I hope she and Becky make up.

Doris’ return went a lot better than I anticipated as she and Sue reconciled – sort of. Sue has always been a loner but it’s nice to see people band around her, including Will (surprisingly) and Sheldon, who heartwarmingly states that Sue has helped him through a lot and that he appreciates her. Their relationship is pretty darn special, I think.

So what else? It appears as though the writers don’t know what to do with Rachel, again. Miraculously she is given a Broadway part AND a place at NYADA all in the space of one day. How lucky that girl is! Personally I want her to return to NYADA, for now, and then the flash forward can show her achieving her dreams. For now she needs to be realistic, and an education will help her more in the long run than taking the shot on Broadway and potentially failing (again).

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Sam isn’t happy about her choice… hopefully this will lead to them splitting. I really dislike them together. Jonathan Groff returns next week, and why else should he return if not to reunite with Rachel? I’d accept them much more than Rachel and Sam!

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