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We’re quickly reaching the finish line. Surprisingly, Glee stayed on top form for two weeks running by delivering a worthy follow-up to last weeks sublime ‘Transitioning’.

‘A Wedding’ was heartfelt, emotional and littered with fan-pleasing moments. Unsurprisingly it revolved around the wedding of Santana and Brittany, with the former not wanting Sue to attend, and the latter feeling extremely superstitious and threatening to ritualistically slaughter a chicken after Santana sees her in her wedding dress.

This is typical Brittany, and it is easy to see where she gets her dimwittedness from when her father delivers his speech after the nuptials, in which he laments how pretty Santana is and how ugly the rest of the guests are. Can we PLEASE have a spinoff dedicated to Brittany’s parents, please? Both Ken Jeong and Jennifer Coolidge are amazing and perhaps the best people to play Brittany’s parents. I am devastated that this is the last we’ll see of them.

Speaking of parents, there’s a lot of them around this week. The adorable Burt Hummel returns alongside his wife Carole, who both give Rachel their blessing to go ahead with her relationship with Sam. I guess if they can accept it, I’ll have to, ultimately…

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Elsewhere Blaine’s mother pops up and does NOTHING. Where was his brother? This guy he was supposed to have looked up to for years? And on the same track, where the hell was Quinn? Or Emma? Surely just a throwaway line to say Quinn couldn’t get the time off college would have sufficed?

But there was a surprise return at the wedding in the form of Sugar Motta, who did nothing. It was nice to see her back again though – her chemistry with the characters suggested that they had all kept in touch, which is nice. It would have been good to find out what she was up to though.

Sue’s grand plan to unite Brittana and Klaine reached its head this week as, after convincing Santana’s grandmother to attend the wedding by using some reverse Sue-cology, she and Brittany persuaded Klaine to have a double wedding. I laughed out loud when Sue asked Kurt and Blaine whether they would ‘give America what at least 52% of it will legally tolerate?’ This was Glee outright condemning the stance of gay marriage in America, and once backed up with Burt’s beautiful words, affirmed how ridiculous this is. Love is love. Simple as that.

Ultimately ‘A Wedding’ was cheesy as hell, but this is Glee, right? And since we only have a handful of episodes left it was brilliant to see these beloved characters finally get some happiness and a happily ever after. But a note to Ryan Murphy: leave things as they are now. No more curveballs. No more problems. Just happiness.

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And speaking of love, though it was minuscule, it was brilliant to see Sue and Sheldon hugging one another whilst everyone was dancing, strengthening Sheldon’s peace with himself. A simple little scene like that showed how resolutely normal Sheldon is, despite what some naysayers could, and probably would, say.

So aside from the glorious wedding (can I just say, how sweet were their vows?) we were greeted to a preposterous storyline involving Tina bizarrely deciding to propose to Mike. Why? It only served to give these characters something to do, but it came out of nowhere and lead to nothing. This couple ended years ago. I’ve never been a fan of the narcissistic Tina and so I am glad Mike turned her down. If I can have one wish granted before the end of Glee, please kill Tina off. Just drop a piano on her head or something and have done with her.

Let’s see if Glee can maintain it’s upwards trajectory, though if the trailer for next week is anything to go by it looks to be a good’un. Sue is angry. And that is Sue at her best.

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