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This final season of Glee is so frustrating. I just wish we could have a consistent run of episodes – be it brilliant episodes, or terrible ones – because this mishap of good and bad is forever annoying me. Whereas the previous two episodes were absolutely abysmal, the latest episode, ‘What the World Needs Now’, was pretty damn brilliant.

Aside from the Burt Bacharach songs, that is. Seriously, does Ryan Murphy imagine 60-year-olds are watching Glee? Nah, it’s the young’uns, all the way, so why not cater to them?

Two main plots threaded throughout this episode, and we’ll deal with Rachel first.

So it seems they are insisting upon forcing Rachel and Sam together, so I’m just going to have to accept it, right?

I’ve been pretty vocal about how I don’t want these two characters to pair up, but if Mercedes is okay with it, well, so be it. I STILL think it’s an insult to Finn and Cory, and I still think a better ending for Rachel would be to see her alone, but successful and happy.

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Or maybe do a True Blood, and show her with someone, but not show who that someone is. A complete random, someone who is entirely disconnected from Finn? I just think that Sam wouldn’t go for Rachel based purely upon respect for one of his best friends, Finn. But who am I to argue?

This was a big week for Rachel, because aside from her blossoming romance with Sam, Mercedes returned (hallelujah!) and got her an audition for a new Broadway show (y’know, just like that…). It was nice, though, to see Rachel trying once more to achieve her dreams.

Realistically, after the monumental fall from grace she experienced at the beginning of the season, there is just no way a producer would take a chance on her this quickly, but this is Glee after all.

I want her to get that part. I want her to go onto bigger and better things. The Glee Club is only a platform for Rachel; she is destined for more.

And now onto Santana and Brittany. I was totally rooting for Alma to give them her blessing, but alas no. We were delivered another proclamation about how family doesn’t necessarily mean blood, and that is very true indeed. I just hate to see Santana unhappy, I guess.

But aside from Alma, she was pretty damn happy this week. The wedding preparations are underway, and Artie was drafted in to help plan it because, as Brittany so concisely and brilliantly said, he’s had nothing to do this year. I just love it when Glee rips the piss out of itself.

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Speaking of Brittany, she was on top form this week. I laughed out loud when she asked whether the black post man actually DID steal Alma’s post but it simultaneously undermined Alma’s prejudice and highlighted Brittany’s naivety.

I just LOVED Brittany’s parents. Jennifer Coolidge and Ken Jeong were both just brilliant. It really showed where Brittany gets her kookiness from: Pierce Pierce, with his I.Q. of only 60, must have really rubbed off on Brittany, because he isn’t her real father. No, Stephen Hawkings is. Yes, you read that right.

Thankfully both Pierce and Whitney return later this season when Brittany and Santana head down the aisle. I just wish they were introduced seasons ago.

So this is how Glee does it right – by focussing upon the originals we care about. The new-newbies are still there, but of course we’re not as invested in them. Roderick continues to shine, as does Spencer, but unfortunately Jane has fallen under the radar. But there simply isn’t time to care.

At least Kitty is still around – I adore her. Was it just me, or were there once again glimmers of sexual tension at the end when Artie handed her a plate of food? I think they’ll reunite, just so that Artie has a happy ending, and I guess that’s alright by me. So long as Kitty is happy.

Speaking of Kitty, I sincerely hope Marley, Jake and Ryder return at some point, though as of now nothing has been confirmed. Unique will return, that is widely known, but I want all five of the newbies to appear. They are as much a part of Glee’s legacy as Rachel.

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I have just one final point to make about this episode. I laughed out loud at the end because that was quite clearly not Jayma Mays co-hosting the party with Will. No, a body double was surely used.

It’s funny, though, because Jayma appears in the NEXT episode – why couldn’t they just film this segment during the filming of episode seven? That said, I’m excited to see Emma again.

Next week looks pretty brilliant, too. The Will stuff looks rubbish, but the trailer showed the return of Coach Beiste who (SPOILERS) will now go under the name of Sheldon. It appears his return won’t go without a hitch, because his car gets messed up by some narrow-minded students. I sincerely hope that this transphobia issue is dealt with properly, rather than glossed over or ridiculed. But I have a feeling Murphy and Dot Marie Jones, who plays Sheldon, will do it justice.

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