Glue – Episode 3 – Review

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Three episodes in and Glue is still gripping TV.

This week’s episode was wrought in emotion as the gypsy community bade farewell to Cal Bray. His death is still reverberating around Overton and we are given a new suspect to ponder over. It seem’s as though Dominic argued with Cal at around 4.30AM, half an hour before his death. Was joyriding the real reason they argued? We suspect no – Cal must have done something to seriously piss Dominic off, but that of course won’t be revealed imminently.

The mystery of Cal also throws up some of his frayed history with his brother, leading to a familial graveyard fight between Eli and his father. It appears that in Overton, like a lot of shows and stories, raucous teenagers have frayed relationships with their parents. Tina, Ruth, Rob and James have also exhibited likewise relationships. It is kind of a cliche, but it does make for thrilling viewing.

This week it is also revealed that Cal acted as a rent-boy, of sorts, blowing older men off in the toilets of a pool club. Quite what this brings to the mystery remains to be seen, but we’ll probability see Eli exhibit further guilt at not being able to protect his younger brother. Out of all of the suspects I think Eli is the least likely. The love he posits for Cal seems too strong to murder him.

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This week Annie shines, delivering some glorious one-lines, such as when she laments the reason why their house bell no longer works. Let’s just say she’s had other uses for those batteries… Jessie Cave is a delight to watch. She is akin to Skins’ Pandora in that she is kooky, larger-than-life, and loveable. Hopefully she’ll be given more to do in the coming weeks. She is sure to be implemented in the murder before long.

Rob finally begins to feel guilt over his cheating with Janine/Elizabeth, and tells the truth to the police in order to give her an alibi. He still hasn’t told Tina though, so expect that to meet a head shortly. If he was shagging Janine at half four, and woke up with Tina a short while later, it is probably unlikely that he killed Cal. Unless he was really quick at, ahem… you know.

I feel as though the Janine reveal last week was much too early – surely it would have made more of an impact to discover this looming secret about her in the sixth or seventh episode? It would be more of a shocker, after all. But her revealed secret leads to her taking (or attempting to take) her own life. And this is where it gets interesting, because Ruth is now implemented. She is slick with blood and one of the gypsy children saw her running from the house. He will inevitable tell his Romany community what he saw, and one of them will go to the police. It’ll probably be a good thing if she becomes ostracised within the police, as this would allow her to develop more with the other characters. She’ll probably get off without any blame anyway.

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This episode was gloriously shot, like its predecessor, showing sweeping shots of the village and wide, panning shots of the flares igniting in the air as the friends came together to bid farewell to Cal. A lot of secrets are festering in Overton and with next week being the midpoint in the series, expect a lot of them to come spilling out.

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