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Whilst upping the mystique, and pretty much eliminating a second suspect, the fourth episode of E4’s Glue brought a whole lot of nothing to the forefront. Not much happened. There was a horse race, a few secrets were spilled, and that was about it.

The performances of all the central cast were still brilliant. Annie was cooky and hilarious as usual, Rob was moody and melancholy, and Eli (and his amazing cheekbones) continued to brood. But these performances weren’t enough to distract from the fact that the story hasn’t progressed all that much.

Charlotte Spencer excelled once more as Tintin, but her throwing the race wasn’t as dramatic as it perhaps should have been. It was a horse race – admittedly not the most thrilling thing to watch. Her scenes with Rob had an impact, and its pretty clear that she is going to hook up with Eli now that she knows of Rob’s infidelity with Janine, but the horse thing… hopefully we’re done with that now.

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Dominic, likewise, was the star of this episode, even if actor Tommy McDonnell is a little stale. Dominic has effectively been eliminated as a suspect – he was arguing with Cal about importing illegal cigarettes – but something will probably happen later to make him a suspect again. So if he isn’t the killer, and nor is Janine, who is?

Because it’s pretty likely that that somebody attacked Janine, right? When she pulls around, will she be able to remember anything? We’re guessing no, because that would be too easy. But out of all the central characters, Janine and Eli are probably the least likely. Janine because she has since been attacked herself, and Eli because of his apparent love for Cal. On a side note, who attacked Eli, and why?

This week also saw Ruth continue to be a terrible mother. She is putting the case before her daughter, which almost resulted in Cassie’s death. It surely can’t be worth that much? Part of this reviewer thinks it would have been better for Cassie to die – shocking, yes, but it would have resulted in Ruth disbanding with the police and siding with Tintin, Rob and the others. Either way she has to side with the friends eventually, right? It’s all going to come out about her and Dominic, and then her colleagues won’t trust her.

So at the halfway point, who really has a motive to kill Cal? No one, really. Dominic argued with him, but that was because of the cigarette deal. The rest of the characters seemingly loved him, or at least liked him, so none of them are particularly looking guilty. We’re still positing Ruth (because of the twist and shock factor) but hopefully next week will throw up a new suspect. And more brilliance from Annie.

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