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Episode 5 of E4’s Glue was simply brilliant. It was shot exceptionally well and the acting was on par. There really are no faults this week. Well, other than Annie once more doing sweet fuck all. Unfortunately.

This week really belonged to Rob and James. Rob, in believing James to be his blackmailer, proceeded to drug his best friend in the hope of gaining an admission. What followed were several spine-tingling trip scenes, in which we learnt that James partook in a pederastic relationship with Cal. Due to his romantic connection with Cal, I think it is extremely unlikely that James is the killer, but he is probably facing charges of sex with a minor. His good boy facade has slipped.

I called it in the first episode that James was gay and fancied Rob. Well, it looks like I was half right. I was hoping for some emotional coming-to-terms scenes akin to the brilliant love scene between Naomily from Skins, but there are still three episodes to go. Everyone will surely learn of James’ relationship with Cal, so I have my fingers crossed that this is dealt with brilliantly.

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Hopefully in the final episode Rob realises he is really gay too, and they can get it on. Wishful thinking, probably.

This week Rob also finally began to see how much of a dick he really is. We learn that his blackmailer is a young Romany girl (who was portrayed by an awful actor – who stood out massively next to the surprising Jordan Stevens) who wanted to make him apologise for how he treated one of her friends from yesteryear. This was a bit naff – surely it would have been better for it to be one of the main characters?

But anyway, five episodes in and it appears as though we’re finally going to get some character development from Rob. He is sure to go through some changes in the next week. The trailer shows him trying to help James, so hopefully he and James can rekindle their friendship.

Elsewhere, Tina and Eli FINALLY get it on (seriously, this was inevitable) and Ruth became truly obsessed with the case – so much so that she drove her mother away. Without a childminder, it remains to be seen just how she’ll manage to continue working. Her boss is a bit of a prick also – she’s obviously an exceptional officer and he keeps punishing her. Ruth is clearly going to be the one to discover the killer.

So James is the next suspect, and has a motive in the form of a contract which could have gained his family a lot of money. Like I said, I doubt James is the killer, but right now I really can’t call it. I’m thinking either Dominic (simply because I don’t like him) or Annie (because she thus far she has remained in the shadows, so to speak). Only three episodes until we find out.

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