Glue – Episode 6 – Review

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With only two episodes remaining, I have the culprit narrowed down to three suspects.

1. Ruth – as the police officer investigating the case, she seems to know more than others. She is a relative rookie and yet she is managing to find out much more about the case than any of the more experienced officers. She has a lot to gain from killing Cal, in that it will help her career blossom. And as a trained police officer, she will know exactly what the police will look for in a murder scene. As such, she would then have the means to execute the perfect murder.

2. Eli – Ruth’s police colleague (who’s name I can’t recall) was found murdered in the haunted house where Rob and Tintin had one of their numerous heart-to-hearts. Tintin said that Eli knew that she and Cal frequented that house. It just seems like too much coincidence – to me, at least. Perhaps Eli discovered Cal’s involvement with James, or him being a rent boy and wasn’t happy, with one thing leading to another.

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3. Annie – thus far Annie has failed to do anything! It’s always the quiet ones…

Episode 6 belonged to Rob and Tintin – truthfully nobody else really had much to do at all. But at least we have discovered that James isn’t guilty. He is perhaps the only main character, bar Janine, who we can positively say isn’t the culprit. He was meeting with a fraudster at 4am (what is it with people in Overton doing random dealing at random times in the morning? Haven’t these people heard of sleeping?!) and later, when Ruth’s colleague was killed, he was conveniently in a police cell. Yes, my favourite character isn’t guilty.

This week also saw Janine succumb to her injuries and pass away. Like I argued a few weeks back, the reveal that Janine was really Elizabeth would surely have been more shocking had it come a few episodes later. As such, it’s hard to really care that she has died.

But with three deaths, the culprit is now a serial killer. I’m guessing the police officer discovered the truth, somehow.

Rob and Tintin grew substantially this episode, and as such, they both matured into respectability. I hope they can remain friends. Both Charlotte Spencer and Jordan Stevens were exceptional throughout, converting a multitude of emotions with ease. It is still surprising that Stevens can even act, but it’s Spencer with whom the accolade of standout star must be given. The majority of scenes she is in are captivating.

With next week being the penultimate episode, I am guessing we will find out who the killer was in the closing moments. But I expect a massive twist is coming – perhaps Cal isn’t even dead, perhaps Cal is the murderer, or perhaps they all joined in and killed together. Either way, something big is surely coming.

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Much like Jack Thorne’s previous series Skins, I sincerely hope a second series is commissioned with a new cast (because it would be INCREDIBLY unrealistic for a second murder mystery to occur in the same village) because Glue has simply been brilliant. Thorne sure knows how to write teen dramas.

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