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Well, that was certainly interesting.

It appears as though the murder has been nicely solved – Ruth’s colleague Ian, who was murdered last week, was the killer all along. He prayed upon the children of Overtook and sexually abused them. When he feared his secret was about to be revealed, he killed Cal, and later Janine who found out the truth. Eli pieced it all together, and then killed Ian in the haunted house from last week. So Ian was the killer all along.

Or was he?

I think a big twist is coming next week. The teaser for the final episode, in which we saw Cal greeting an unknown person, certainly hinted that Cal not only knew, but liked the assailant. He certainly wouldn’t greet his abuser in such a way. But then who does that mean really killed him? From the greeting, it has to be James, Tina or Eli, but I don’t think James or Eli would have killed him. It really is too hard to tell, but I’m going to go with Tina or Dominic. They are my definitive guesses. But it’ll probably end up being someone altogether different. So long as it isn’t James, I don’t much mind.

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Speaking of James, how sweet was his scene with Rob? Rob says no to bumming, but that he isn’t adverse to the odd hand job. Their conversation is believable – many straight guys, upon finding out that there best friend is gay, would probably question whether they’ve had illicit thoughts about them. It’s just banter between two friends, and the scene was beautifully subtle. Rob lists how he is a catch, and I have to agree on the ears. Jordan Stephens is brilliant as Rob; perhaps he is the killer… that would lead to a big showdown between him and James. But they’ve just rekindled their bromance, so I sincerely hope not.

Elsewhere, Annie does nothing, again. Really, what was the point in casting Jessie Cave and not giving her the material to work with? Since she’s done sweet FA, she could be the killer after all. In case you can’t tell, I really have no clue about the killer.

Eli and Tina make plans to leave Overton, but Eli has a change of heart at the 11th hour. Something Ruth said about James has piqued his interest, for some reason. In the next episode he is surely going to go after James – perhaps he isn’t happy with their relationship? I don’t know, but would you really risk going to prison and losing the woman you love for something as succinct as that? I certainly wouldn’t.

So next week is the final episode. Expect everything to be turned on its head. I expect a showdown of bloody proportions and I’m going to hazard a bet that not everyone will make it out alive. I hope we receive a flashback of Cal’s death – that is, after all, what the entire run has been leading up to. His killer just has to be one of the main characters. For it to be Ian, to me, it feels like a copout (cop… geddit?).

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With viewing figures not being great, I doubt Glue will get a second series. Whilst I hope it does, if it goes out on a high this won’t be such a bad thing after all. We have only one episode left…

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