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Stellar performances all ’round mark the end of Glue. 

Glue has truly been gripping TV – aside from the dreary episode about the horse race (seriously, what the fuck?) and the lack of Annie presence throughout (seriously, what the fuck?!), Glue has been exceptional. It’s rivaled Skins in terms of story, scope and performance, and it’s a worthy addition to Jack Thorne’s CV.

So, Eli was the killer all along. I guess I’m not too surprised really – for the shock value it had to be someone who was close to Cal, and that meant either Eli or James had to be the killer. Thankfully, it wasn’t the latter. Despite being rather wooden in earlier episodes, Callum Turner has shown exceptional skill in these last few episodes. He portrayed torment with glee, and it was clear throughout this episode that he is unhinged. He killed Cal and Janine in fits of rage, but he killed Ian with relish. Though, after what he had done, I can’t say I blame him on that one…

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I seriously worried for James throughout the entirety of this episode. Billy Howle too was brilliant in this episode. His pleas went unheard but, I suspect many of the viewers were rooting for his survival. In a bleak love story, it would be hard to stomach had both Cal and James died.

And Charlotte Spencer once more delivered a killer performance. Her anguish in the final moments was hard to watch, but entirely believable. She somehow managed to convince Eli to spare both James and himself, meaning that Eli will be going away for quite some time now.

Whodunnits have to have a big WHAT THE FUCK moment in order to make the entire narrative spin on its head, and Glue certainly delivered. After seemingly revealing pervert Ian to be the killer last week, I was floored to find out that it was Eli all along. His emotion in earlier episodes seems out of place now, though, I guess. I’m going to have to re-watch this series to see how the seeds were planted all along.

I highly doubt we’ll be getting another series of Glue. The ratings haven’t been all that great. Even if we did, it would probably follow the story of a new cast, akin to Skins, as it would be unrealistic to have two killers in the same village. That said, I am going to miss these characters. Tintin, Rob, James, Ruth and Annie were a delight to watch. Even if Annie did fuck all.

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