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As I sit here writing an article on YouTube, wearing my Daily Grace ‘You’ve Been Hazed’ t-shirt, I’m kind of embodying the epitome of a fanboy. But do I care? This week I had to deal with the fact that three of my favourite YouTubers were in the same country as I was and I couldn’t meet them, however I had to look at all the pictures, videos and tweets they were posting online about it – depressing!

Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart all flew over to London last Tuesday for various reasons, including seminars, birthdays and collaboration videos and just reminded me why I love them all so much. For those of you unfamiliar to Grace Helbig’s hilarious videos I thought I’d give you my top four to get you started – I’m not being held responsible for the hours you’ll waste watching her others after though!


4. How To Look Busy At Work

I laugh at Grace the most when she’s not trying to be funny as she’s just so awkward and amusing naturally. This video just sums up her personality completely and gives you some tips on how to pretend to be doing work – something I appear to have already mastered…

3. Sexy Advice With JacksGap

I thought what with Mamrie and Grace heading to London I should include this video with a couple of my favourite (and prettiest) British YouTubers – Jack and Finn. Despite the twins looking very handsome and being amusing, Mamrie really steals the show in this video, furthering the reason I have a complete lady-crush on her.

2. Tyra Banks’ Twitter

I’m sure a lot of you will follow Tyra Banks on Twitter and find this absolutely hilarious – I didn’t follow her before watching this but now I do. Tyra tweeted this herself not long after saying how funny it was – have a watch!

1. British YouTubers

For those of you who don’t watch YouTubers often this is a good place to start – you get to know Grace a bit and she introduces you to a bunch of British YouTubers! Such a sexy video.

So there’s a little food for thought on Grace. I hope she comes back to Britain soon as I need to meet her! Let me know your thoughts on those videos and your favourite YouTuber -byeeee!

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