Grace Unplugged – Singing from the Soul

James Dix

Grace Unplugged is a Christian drama music movie that was released in the US on October 4th.

The film stars AJ Michalka from 78Violet, (formerly known as Aly & AJ) and James Denton (Mike from Desperate Housewives).

With so many films and TV shows being based around the fabulous life of the rich and famous, Grace Unplugged could be a happy change. So why is it not getting an international release?

The story follows Grace Trey (Aly), daughter of a pop star (James) who turned Christian. Grace shows off her singing talents and becomes a star, but soon realises that family and God are more important than the famous lifestyle.

The theme of the movie seems very relatable to any family, despite the religious core of the movie. The trailer shows family conflict, coming of age and independence.

The series features AJ Michalka, who sings ‘All I’ve Ever Needed’, a song that has already reached number 1 on the iTunes Christian music chart.

She is no stranger to singing for movies, having done so for Disney’s Secretariat. Unlike Miley Cyrus, AJ has always had a more wholesome Disney appearance, being a Christian herself.

Michalka once dated Joe Jonas, which makes her just as cool as Taylor Swift. He even wrote a song about it called ‘Move On’, but it was too angry and moody to go with their good boy image.

AJ and her sister Aly are often seen together in films having both been in Cow Belles and Super Sweet 16: The Movie, as well as the TV series Hellcats. Although they may not be together in Grace Unplugged, the sisters released single ‘Hothouse’ back in July.

If you happen to be travelling to America, go and see Grace Unplugged because there is no confirmation that it will ever get a release here in the U.K. On the plus side though, you can download the full album from iTunes.

One highlight from the album is the track ‘You Never Let Go’ by Denton and Michalka.

So go out, grab your guitar, start strumming and play for the love of music, not for the fame. Who needs the X-Factor when you have the support of your family?

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