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Earlier this week I previewed the True Blood: Drinks & Bites cookbook which was released to tie in with the final run of episodes. HBO have released some additional items on their online store and I was sent items from both the True Blood and Game of Thrones ranges proving that HBO certainly knows how to promote their biggest shows.

First up comes the True Blood ‘Don’t Bite the Cook’ apron which is great for cooking up strange delights and intoxicating cocktails and goes perfectly with the True Blood: Drinks & Bites cookbook . It’s made from polyester and cotton so it’s easy to clean, and it comes in one size only. The neck strap, featuring fang bite marks (well this is True Blood, isn’t it?) is adjustable. Plastered in big letters across its front is the slogan ‘Don’t Bite the Cook’. Buy this and recreate Lafayette’s infamous AIDS burger tirade from way back in season one.


Next up is the True Blood Lilith Pendent Necklace which is made of gold toned zinc and finished with a droplet blood-gem of acrylic stone. It’s perfect for fancy-dress although the chain it comes on is rather small. You can just imagine the late Salome wearing this as she made her final move.

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Both the apron and the pendent are nice little touches to help bring out the vampire in you.

HBO have also released Game of Thrones vinyl figures, which are essentially mini Pop! Figurines which are popping up for everything from True Blood to The Big Bang Theory at the minute. These mystery minis come in a blind box meaning you’ll never be sure which figure you get until you open them and at £8.99 a pop its quite steep considering you may get the same figure twice. The Pop! Figurines which are 4-times the size come at the same price so you may be best of investing in them instead. At least that way you’ll know what it is you’re getting. The figurine faces are more comical than their bigger counterparts though and the overall finish is much more detailed but it’s going to cost you quite a bit if you want to re-enact your favourite scenes from the show.


And finally the first wave of Legacy Action figures have been released for Game of Thrones for the more diehard fans out there. They come at £22.99 each and they’re more for display than play. The first wave features fan favourites Tyrion, Dany, Ned, Jon, the Hound, and a White Walker for some bizarre reason. These 11.5cm figures each come with a prop – either a weapon or a dragon, in Dany’s case. They are incredibly detailed and would take pride of place in your collection.


Most of these items would serve as great gifts so if you’re struggling for a friend’s birthday head over to the HBO store now.

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