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On 24 September 2015 the continuation of Heroes will begin. Thirteen new episodes have been produced under the banner Heroes Reborn, and tidbits of information have slowly been released over the past few weeks to whet fan appetites.

Heroes, of course, is renown for its dwindling quality season after season, but we at Vada are excited for this continuation. We just want to find out what happened after Claire revealed her abilities to the world.

Below we bring you the lowdown on what you can expect from Heroes Reborn.

The established continuity

Perhaps most importantly, Heroes Reborn will not disregard the old continuity of Heroes. It’ll be set five years after Claire Bennett’s reveal on national television, and one year after a terrorist attack decimated Odessa, Texas. Fans of Heroes will remember this as the home of Claire Bennett herself, so it’s probably safe to assume that the explosion wiped her out beyond the capability of healing herself.

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HRG (aka Noah Bennett, Claire’s adoptive father) is in hiding, and must be convinced to come and help.

The public is aware of the existence of evolved humans (colloquially known now as ‘EVOs’), and they now have to hide. They’re being blamed for the terrorist attack.

New characters

Whilst we’ve been teased with a whole host of new characters, not much is known about them. The official synopsis of the show states that the miniseries will ‘reconnect with the basic elements of the show’s first season’ in that it will explore ordinary people discovering their special abilities.

Luke Collins and Joanne (played by Zachary Levi and Judith Shekoni respectively) are two vigilantes with unknown powers who must hide from those who are hunting them. Presumably they are related, as they lost someone important to them in the explosion, and are looking for revenge.

Henry Zebrowski stars as Quentin Frady, a conspiracy theorist who persuades HRG to come out of hiding. This suggests that Quentin doesn’t have a power himself. He’ll show HRG the truth about the explosion.

Also appearing are: Malina (Danika Yarosh), a brave and courageous girl who was brought up by overprotective parents, and finds out she is destined for greatness; Erica (Rya Kihlstedt), the head of a highly successful tech conglomerate called ‘Renautas’, who has her own dark goals; awkward teen Tommy (Robbie Kay), who is trying to live a normal life and has eyes for his dream girl, Emily (Gatlin Green), but discovers a new terrifying ability that makes his will almost impossible.


Meanwhile in Tokyo, Miko (Kiki Sukezane), a unique and quiet girl, is looking for her missing father, but she’s hiding an extraordinary secret that can be dangerous to her. Somewhere, a singular type of hero is emerging through Carlos (Ryan Guzman), a former soldier.

The trailer (more on that soon) shows someone with the ability to fly, and someone who can turn invisible.

It’s all sounding very exciting!

Old faces

It’s not entirely out with the old, in with the new, as a handful of familiar faces will crop up at some point in the run.

Aside from HRG, we’ll see the mysterious Haitian, a grown up Micah Sanders, a darker Matt Parkman, a future-looking Hiro Nakamura (sans Ando!), a hunted terrorist in Molinder Suresh, and a comfortable chauffeur-driven Angela Petrelli.

The official website states that these old characters, among others, will cross paths with the new characters. We’re quite confident that this suggests more older characters will return, so the question is: who do you want to see come back?

A new threat

Not much is known about the big bad of Heroes Reborn, but the trailer suggests that a government (most likely the American government) holds the ability to locate each and every EVO. So it appears as though it’s the ordinary people who are the villains of this piece, but we’re sure that not all will be as it seems.

Also, just how do they hold the ability to locate the EVOs?

Well, remember Molly Walker, who had the ability to locate anybody just by thinking about them? Francesca Eastwood has been cast as ‘Molly’, and she certainly looks like she could star as an older version of the Molly we already know.

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‘Where are the Heroes?’

The first teaser for Heroes Reborn (shown below) shows ‘where are the Heroes?’ dubbed in various locations across the globe. Heroes has never felt so global! But the term ‘Heroes’ suggests that the characters are finally becoming what many have long hoped for.


ANOTHER eclipse

It wouldn’t be Heroes without an eclipse, right? This recurring motif suggests that a global eclipse has something to do with why people have abilities, but that could just be hearsay. We don’t expect to receive an answer as to why – it doesn’t really matter.

Key art, and the trailer, hint that something like an eclipse is threatening humanity, but it looks much more like a black hole to us.

The trailer

And finally, if you missed the trailer check it out below. We were initially sceptical about the return of Heroes, but this trailer excites us very much indeed. It’s time to dig out the old DVDs and binge watch them to catch up.


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