Hold on to your Christmas spirit

James Dix

Christmas is over for another year. We look to the New Year in celebration. The expensive Christmas bills are forgotten about for a moment whilst we cheer at Big Ben’s chime. We hope for a better year, equality for all and acceptance of ourselves.

But we focus a lot on ourselves over this holiday period, sometimes we forget to think outside ourselves and to give to charity.

The day I write this article, an elderly lady has fallen over on her way to work. It reminded me that we have to think about the vulnerable members of society. If the individual ignores it, why should the masses pay attention?

Hopefully we have given money to charities over the Christmas period, but if we missed out, there is still time. Nobody wants to be a Scrooge.

Ashley Tisdale, best known for playing Sharpay Evans in the High School Musical Series, recorded a charity single. Tisdale’s song ‘You’re Always Here’ is dedicated to her grandfather who of late passed away. Each download of the song donates to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Ashley explains in her own words in the video below why she recorded the track:

You may never have been directly affected by loss, but many around you will have, and you hope that when the moment comes someone will be there to support you.

The New Year is about time to make a resolution that makes a difference to someone other than yourself. Sure you want to lose weight, get in shape, and stop spending so much on shoes. But perhaps, you might feel better about yourself just by making a difference to others instead?

Volunteer some of your time to others, at a local charity, youth group or a University society. One of my friends was recently asked by their flatmate: “Why do you bother volunteering, it isn’t related to your course?”. I hope nobody ever asks someone that again.

Listen to the song and think of a change you can make this year.

Click here to preview the single and do your little bit for charity.

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James Dix from Chipping Norton often meets David Cameron at the local Sainsbury's, "No I don't want an NHS cut, I just want some milk". Final year student of Journalism and English Literature from the countryside, studying at Northumbria University.