I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here 2014 – Week 2 Commentary

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Sunday 23rd November

Melanie was totally game in her trial, earning 9 out of 10 stars. Her doing that trial was much more entertaining than watching Kendra pussy about, so hopefully more people like Mel will get voted in future.

Elsewhere the CIA trial came to an end. Foggy seemed genuinely pissed off that he wasn’t involved or in the know – perhaps that’s just his general look? I’m really not warming to him either way.

Care packages are always nice to watch, but like Jake said – he’d been there only 3 days. Maybe they should have been kept until closer to the first eviction?

Speaking of Jake, he was voted to do the live trial and absolutely nailed it. He’s becoming a firm favourite so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him win.

Monday 24th November 

Kendra vs. Edwina – which side are you on? Personally I think Kendra was the one in the right (after all Edwina got involved when she wasn’t a part of the conversation) but I think the way Kendra dealt with it was horrifying. So I’m siding with Edwina here.

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Basically I can’t stand Kendra. She’s been voted to do the next trial too, so expect only a handful of stars brought back. Their argument left a frosty atmosphere around camp which must have been awkward in there, but it always makes for brilliant TV. It’s taken a while, but this series is finally starting to pick up nicely.

Wednesday 26th November

I don’t think it needs to be said again, but here goes – deep breaths now… Kendra. Once more. Was shit. Seriously, only one star in her Grim Gallery trial. How the fuck?! That was such a good trial too! It’s getting extremely frustrating watching her lacklustre attempts at these trials. I wish the public would vote for someone else.

Elsewhere, because of the football, Jimmy and Foggy participated in the Shed of Dread trial, earning 10 out of 10 stars by staying in the shed for three hours. A piece of cake, really.

In the rescue side of the mission Tinchy and Nadia worked well together as a team, and Kendra was annoying as hell. Nothing new there then.

Kendra keeps saying she is honoured to be voted to do the trials – doesn’t she realise that the public are only voting for her because they don’t like her and want to see her squirm? And unsurprisingly, Kendra was voted to do the next trial. For god’s sake.

Thursday 27th November

Well, that was a surprise. Kendra actually won all 10 stars. Alone! Colour me speechless. I enjoyed that trial too; this series has a penchant for houses so it was nice to have a little spin on that.

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Elsewhere the evictions are dawning, and the camp is split into boys and girls to compete for immunity. I have a feeling that all of these trials are going to result in a tie-off – nobody is going to be giving this up without a fight.

If the boys win I say Vicki will be going first; if the girls win Michael will be the first to go. Neither have done much. Well, apart from Michael’s cringeworthy rapping…

Friday 28th November 

Kendra and Edwina worked well together on their trial, though it showed how little Kendra knows about, well, anything. As Michael said she is a product of a reality show – she knows exactly what works and what doesn’t. She knows how to generate airtime and she’s amassing the minutes.

Elsewhere the trial for immunity was won by the girls and they sat down to all six meals. That was a little unfair. They voted for Michael to join their team. I’m hoping they’ll lose ultimately; I want Vicki or Michael to leave first. Both are boring. Edwina is doing the next trial too – is it because they like or loath her? Well I like her. She’s spunky and I think she’d be game for anything.

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