I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here 2014 – Week 3 Commentary

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Saturday 29th November

I am really liking Edwina. She was totally game for both of her trials today and did them without complaining, unlike a certain former-Playboy model. I suspect Edwina will go quite far in this series. She earned eight stars in her trial by simply getting on with it. She didn’t care about putting her hand in the various holes.

Elsewhere she trumped Foggy on a technicality. I never saw his hands leave the button, and nor did he by the sounds of it. But apparently he did, and Edwina won the meals for the girls. Unsurprisingly they chose Jake to join their team. After all, he is the best at trials apart from Foggy.

Other than that, all I have to say is Jimmy was a bit of a prick with Jake. He can dish it out but I suspect he wouldn’t cope if Jake fired back as venomously as he did.

Sunday 30th November

Two days in a row Foggy has lost. His macho image is taking a pummelling. But it was simply because he cocked up by doing the top mazes first during his and Jake’s trial, meaning that Jake triumphed. I am really liking Jake. He’ll easily make the top three, and will probably win it ultimately too.

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Elsewhere the fight for immunity kicked off. What a terrifying challenge. Not only were they effectively buried alive, but they all had to face a fear in complete darkness. Rats, cockroaches, and snakes. I know which I’d prefer. None.

I wasn’t surprised when Jimmy bailed and nor was I surprised that Jake’s team, with six members, won immunity. With Foggy, Jimmy, Mel and Tinchy facing the first elimination, I have a feeling Tinchy will be going. I like him, but compared with the other three he’s been extremely quiet.

Monday 1st December 

I am surprised that Foggy, Mel, Jimmy and Tinchy did so well in their eating trial – I thought for certain that Jimmy would bail. But they all did brilliantly. The goat’s blood, blended beach worms and bull balls and cock were by far the worst. I gagged a few times.

I was very surprised that Jimmy went first. I guess the public didn’t like his so-called banter with Jake late last week. In my opinion he did go a little too far, and we were only really shown one side of it, but Jimmy didn’t seem too perturbed about it all. He was gutted to go though. That was clear.

I hope Michael or Vicki leave next. Both are boring.

Tuesday 2nd December

Alas, Kendra, Michael and Vicki have made it to another day, somehow. Nadia went next. I liked her, but she was very quiet and did little. She was nice – one of the only completely nice people down there – but I doubt she’ll be misses much, unfortunately.

I am really starting to like Foggy. He just says it as it is and he didn’t want Michael or Vicki to do the trial because they were ‘mature’. It was good that they proved him wrong though, even if I don’t like either of them.

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Letters from home are always nice to watch, but it must be unbearable to sit whilst others have their letters read to them whilst you yourself don’t have one. I do think it is harsh on those that didn’t get their letters, but then again it does make good TV, so it is understandable.

I predict fireworks sparking between Mel and Edwina soon. Mel really doesn’t like anyone interfering when she is cooking – what’s the big deal? The good thing about Edwina is she knows exactly when she’s pissing people off and yet she continues to get a rise from them. She’s mischievous, and completely different to my pre-show expectations of her. I hope she goes far.

Wednesday 3rd December

I wasn’t surprised in the least that Michael went next. I liked him initially but he came across whiny and he was extremely moody. Ultimately, he was forgettable.

Foggy was brilliant in his trial, but you could tell that it was tiring him out. He’s no longer a spring chicken, I guess. Kudos on him for doing it though. Other than that it was a quiet episode; this show, like Big Brother, gets a little boring when everybody begins to leave.

The arguments about the cooking are starting to grow annoying too. Mel’s coming across quiet controlling, whereas Edwina is appearing petty.

Thursday 4th December

The Catacombs of Doom make a return, and Tinchy completely smashes it. It must be extremely frustrating for those that make this show when somebody refuses to attempt an expensive trial, so I’m not surprised to see this one return.

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I wasn’t surprised when Vicki went. Like Michael, she was a boring moaner. I was glad that Foggy and Jake won Vicki and Kendra’s letters from home though during the Dingo Dollar Challenge.

Friday 5th December

I feel sorry for Foggy and Edwina – everybody else managed to speak to a loved one bar them. The group really needed a better strategy for getting those numbers to the phone booth. It must have been extremely frustrating for them.

Kendra participating in the trial was a prime example of how she is working the cameras. By taking AGES constructing the star she ensured that the cameras were focussed upon her for a lot longer than Mel. She isn’t stupid; she knows EXACTLY how reality TV works.

Except that it didn’t, because she and Tinchy became the next people to leave. I liked Tinchy, but I never warmed to Kendra. I’m glad she didn’t make the final. I want Edwina to win now, but I doubt she will. It’ll likely be Jake.

Saturday 6th December

The Celebrity Cyclone trial is now synonymous with I’m A Celebrity… and once more it reared its head here. All four were brilliant at it; Edwina simply lay there atop her star and Jake slid up the hill. Brilliant.

I’m gutted that Edwina was eliminated, though I’m not surprised really. I’m still vying for Jake to win – it’s obvious that he has the most fans, I think. I’ll be surprised if anyone else wins.

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