In Between Men – Gay Web Series – Review

Christian Watts

In Between Men is pretty. It’s one of a selective few web series which has made it big enough to be made into a full length show, i.e. it’s fit for TV.  The first season is around 2 years old and I can’t remember when I first watched it; all that I know is that it was my first in the genre and is what got me hooked onto the dramas and searching for more gay web shows. Quick, simple and easy to follow were the priorities of the day and In Between Men gives it to you in a pretty well endowed package.

Set in New York, the main characters battle through life’s dramas in an ‘in between world’ as the producers put it. All four characters seemingly rub against the gay grain, not relating to gay clichés and stereotypes. On the other side of that they don’t belong in an over – masculine straight world either. You see the characters deal with dramas in both their love and professional lives; watching how these can intertwine with sometimes bad consequences.

The IMDB synopsis describes In Between Men as “examining the relationships the men have between each other, their lovers, and the greater community”. This, to a certain extent, I agree with. The show does a very good job at exploring the relationships the characters go through with the world around them, making the show particularly relatable. However, as with all of these shows, it does an especially good job at making things so stereotypical sometimes you can write the script as you go along. Without going into too much detail, you can tell who is going to screw who usually when you first meet the characters. It’s filled with heartache, deceit and dickheadery, as the gay scene is often portrayed as. Even with my criticisms, it does provide for good entertainment, however mainly because they are all so pretty.

Like really pretty, in an obvious but you still have emotional issues kind of way. Besides the aesthetics of the show (that are well worth it, for me anyway) the show provides some good story arcs with each of their characters. From rewatching the show prior to writing this review, it was in fact nice to see these businessmen having gay drama. They had work problems, very similarly to The Outs in that it created depth within the characters; they weren’t just having sex then never calling, or complaining that someone never called.

It was interesting and refreshing, and was the first show I had watched to see gay men portrayed like this. In hindsight a lot of shows focus too much on the orientations of characters. Obviously it must if it’s going to be under the genre of gay web show, however, some shows do a better job than others at portraying ‘people’ rather than ‘gays’. In my opinion this speaks to a wider problem in the media, but that’s probably a whole different article.

Overall, it’s a nice show to watch. The second season is new to 2013 and can be found on their website, following a gap of 2 years since the first season. If you’re looking for quick humour combined with testosterone filled gay drama, In Between Men is the show for you.

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