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Hello. I’m always terrible at introductions so we’ll keep this short. I’m Miranda, no wait, my name’s Sean (see). Anyway I listen to music on average about 22 hours each day, my taste ranges from 90s grunge rock to Swedish electro pop. Each week I will be showcasing a band or artist who have caught my attention, an old favourite or a new release.

So here is the first edition: British Indie folk three piece Daughter. The band consists of Elena Tonra (vocals), Remi Aguilella (drums, percussion) and Igor Haefeli (guitar, production). The trio create delicate and crafted art rock with a tender and vulnerable edge. They released two EP’s last year titled His Young Heart and The Wild Youth. They explore themes including heart-break, young love and the transition to adulthood. Elena’s song-writing is brutally honest which makes Daughter’s music so relatable. She bares her soul and allows you to empathise as a listener.

Tracks such as ‘Home’ reminded me of younger days at house parties creating destruction within my own head and never reflecting on consequence. ‘Youth’ alternatively acts as a desperate search for explanation as to why we torment ourselves with love and hate, why we poison our bodies with toxins in order to enjoy ourselves. ‘Setting fire to our insides just for fun’. I will warn you now, the subject matter of Daughter is not for the faint hearted. Their music is about self-reflection, passion and exploration.

You will find yourself enthralled by tracks such as ‘Landfill’ where Elena pleads with a lost lover to destroy all their ties, throw her lifeless body in the water and disappear forever. The narrative of Daughter’s work becomes engaging while the stunning production and instrumental add the harrowing atmosphere that can physically chill your bones.

This spotlight is rather apt as Daughter release their debut album If You Leave this week. I can safely say it’s masterful. The band continue with their sorrowful and ominous production pairing their ethereal vocals with intimate song-writing and poignant lyrics.

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