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Indie rock band Little Green Cars have been on my introducing list for far too long. Their unique Irish folk needs to be heard to be believed. They are a quintet of friends fronted by dual vocalists Stevie Appleby and Faye O’ Rourke, and have already become a huge name in their native Ireland where their debut album Absolute Zero hit the top spot in May, beating off competition from the likes of Rod Stewart and Vampire Weekend. The rest of the world has to wait until August for this LP which is sure to be packed to the rafters with foot stomping folky goodness.

Early promotional single ‘The John Wayne’ will feature, a quick paced and quicker witted cult favourite with an anthemic drum beat and those pained irish vocals. You really only have to give these tracks one good listen and you will become infatuated with this young and likeable band. The title track will be breakout single ‘Harper Lee’, which is one of the best pop songs I have heard in ages; its chord composition and catchy melody make it a packaged festival anthem and I believe it has the potential to be 2014’s ‘Little Talks’.

The similarities to Of Monsters and Men are apparent, yet both bands have something totally unique about them. For example, Little Green Cars really put emphasise on the rock elements in their music as they have four highly skilled musicians in the band. ‘Big Red Dragon’ has a pulsating riff throughout, frantic guitars and that recognisable vocal from Faye. I would highly recommend you see this band’s live show before they take off, as the precision and talent they all possess comes together spectacularly onstage. There is a quiet confidence and a solemn gratitude that shines in the small venues they are currently touring in.

Their album is due on the 19th of August and the new single ‘My Love Took Me Down to the River’ is available now.

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