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This is an early prediction for one to watch in 2014. A superb band with some true innovation, London based synth trio London Grammar are creating an innovative warp of electro and indie with real theatrical undertones. Haunting and enthralling is the best way to describe their latest single ‘Wasting My Young Years‘.

Anyone who has read my articles or twitter will know I’m a huge fan of Daughter. This band share a likeness in terms of lyrics and vocal, yet London Grammar manage to add an obscure twist with their knowledge of electro and synth, where the piercing bridges build, accompanied by the pained vocal of Hannah.

They are being very selective with their releases, which is refreshing from a new band, as many give in to temptation to expose as much as possible in the hope something will work. The wonderfully subtle ‘Hey Now‘ is tragic and soothing all at once, an xx style riff and a moody ambiance running throughout. This track made critics sit up and pay attention, giving the band some real deserved attention from the likes of Q Magazine, BBC Introducing and even Radio 1.

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Listening to the brooding notes, there is a tense excitement as I truly believe London Grammar are sitting on the edge of incredible success. The formula and track construction is masterful, their earlier songs have a combined listen count of over a million on Soundcloud already. They also have a huge festival sized anthem in the infectious ‘Metal & Dust‘, a wonderful synth pop smash which oozes that sultry vibe whilst having a true sing-a-long element.

A debut EP is most likely to be due in the autumn, and the band will be playing a number of festivals over the summer including Standon Calling, Wilderness and Bestival. They also have a guest appearance on Disclosure’s new album, collaborating on a track called ‘Help Me Lose My Mind‘, which is an incredible example of the band’s electronic influence. I urge you to check out this band, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.


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