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Scandinavian Electro pop duo Niki + the Dove released one of the best debut LPs of recent years in 2012, yet unfortunately flew beneath the radar in the UK. They placed fifth in the BBC Sound Of poll, and released a string of successful underground singles. They are a completely innovative and refreshing act who create intriguing electro.

I first discovered the band after downloading promotional single ‘Mother Protect‘, a tribal and animalistic battle cry that builds momentously before exploding into a spanning crescendo supported by Malin’s distinctive vocal. GoldRoom created an obscure remix of the track which has now gained almost five million views on Youtube. Their debut album Instinct includes a consistency of Swedish influenced electro gems, as the drama and suspense of ‘Tomorrow‘ contrasts perfectly to the immediate and infectious ‘Somebody‘, with an intelligent hook and truly awesome songwriting. The likes of Jakwob and Fake Blood have remixed some of the band’s work, reaching new levels of obscurity.

The band are true advocates of experiment within genre, the brilliantly bizarre ‘The Fox‘ is perfect evidence and one of the most interesting listens on the LP. This zany subject matter and track arrangement helps bring the band’s live show to an insane level. Malin is known for her eccentric wardrobe and stage presence, whilst the tracks are altered to bring maximum effect and stretch the pulsing electro bridges. ‘DJ, Ease My Mind‘, the band’s most commercial track, turns into a ten minute fluorescent rave in the dark. Their music takes you to different trippy lands, and trust me, you don’t want to come back anytime soon.

Their intelligently crafted debut and iconic live show has won them a prestigious European Border Breakers Award, which commends the best new music acts in Europe. The band are currently on an extensive tour in the States, and are rumoured to be writing their second album. A really unique duo who deserve far more commendation and exposure.


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