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Britain is basking in beautiful sunshine for a change, and to mark this occasion my introducing section this week is a band whose music just oozes happy, summer vibes. San Cisco are an Australian four piece who are currently making huge waves in the US, selling out shows with their sparkly indie pop. If you are a fan of Vampire Weekend, MGMT etc. you’re sure to love the easy listening and fun ambience this band create. They’re all pretty young and this really helps with their music and songwriting. Nothing is too serious, so their self titled debut is the perfect soundtrack to a lazy day in the park or a road trip by the sea.

The album’s opening track ‘Beach‘ just wreaks of summer, a happy go lucky pop track with a memorable riff and a brilliant melodic duet from Jordi and Scarlett. The tracks are totally relatable, most ponder the world or the difficulties within relationships and love from a real naive point of view. ‘Fred Astaire‘ is a great example, ever felt that when trying to survive on a student loan that dates have to become incredibly economical? Yeah. Jordi believes his beau would be far better with with a man who could take her round the world, rather than just to breakfast, insanely cute.

I’m sure ‘Wild Things‘ was picked up by an advert, as it had an awesome familiar quality when I first heard it late last year. This is the most indie track on the whole LP. It just oozes sepia Instagram filters and ray bans. The hook is memorable and will have you humming it hours afterwards. San Cisco have an ingenious way of conveying the free spirit of Australia’s golden coast through this album, the simplicity of ‘No Friends‘ conjures images of surfboards and long summer afternoons. Whilst ‘Lyall‘ is a total party jam with clap along verses and frantic choruses.

So whilst this beautiful weather stays around, I’d recommend getting this album on full blast in your garden/car and lapping up the delicious Aussie vibes. If any of you are heading to Reading & Leeds festival later this year, San Cisco will be performing on the festival republic stage.

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