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Some months ago, I wrote an article which explored the phenomenon of Show Choir in America, and how the show choir with which I perform had been given the prestigious honour of travelling to New York to showcase themselves at the regional’s section of the national competition.

Since their return to the UK, Euphoria have continued to grow and improve, adding new numbers to their repertoire, performing across the country and gaining new members. But it was their success in New York which attracted the attention of the organisers of Show Choir Ireland, who were busy planning the first Irish National Show Choir Championships following the success and popularity of show choir in Ireland.

Euphoria were approached by Show Choir Ireland and asked to perform another showcase set at this year’s premier competition in Dublin. As a result, the choir will be travelling to Dublin at the end of October to perform alongside their Irish counterparts.

Similarly to the American competition, Show Choir Ireland is open to school and community choirs from across the country. Entrants are required to perform a set of up to 10 minutes with full arrangements and choreography. There is no limit to what genre of music or style in which the choir has to perform. No doubt the concept has been helped by the growing popularity of Glee and show choirs in Ireland have grown significantly in response to this. The competition has been running heats throughout the year and the finalists list can be found online. This year’s grand final will be held at the O’Reilly Theatre in Dublin on November 2.

This adds yet another chapter in the Euphoria story – a choir who continue to go from strength to strength since their inception not three years ago. With even more exciting dates and performances in the pipeline, one questions how far this choir from Backwell near Bristol can go.

If you’ve yet to have the Euphoria experience, make sure you check out their website for upcoming performance announcements. You can also follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook for all the latest news.

Euphoria will be performing on November 2 at the Irish National Show Choir Championships in Dublin.

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