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WE FINALLY HAVE SOME HAIM DEBUT NEWS! Hear that? It’s the sound of rejoicing as the trio of Californian sisters finally named their LP as Days Are Gone and have confirmed its release for the 27th of September. Just nine months after they were announced as winners of the BBC Sound of 2013 poll winners, their fast growing fan base has had to sustain itself with just six released tracks including hip hop heavy ‘Send Me Down‘ and the deliciously retro ‘Better Off‘.

So, what do we know so far? Days Are Gone will be 11 tracks long with no sign of deluxe or bonus material being announced yet. Four of the previous releases will feature, mega hit ‘Falling‘ will be the album’s opening, followed by the breakout ‘Forever‘. Punchy pop jam ‘Don’t Save Me‘ also makes it due to heavy sales in the UK chart and finally the mellow and dramatic ‘Go Slow‘ from their very first EP has also made it; which I see as a small gesture to fans who have stuck with them through the impatience and anticipation.

The title track was co-written by British electro darling Jessie Ware, so this alludes to perhaps a more dance vibe which could be interesting with the girls’ carefree vocal and spirit. The tenth track will be ‘Let Me Go‘ which is the song the band close their live shows with and includes a simultaneous snare drum breakdown. HAIM threw down a safely guarded card with the news which was new single ‘The Wire‘, a regular appearance on the live circuit, this track was recorded more than twenty times before the girls were content and the finished product is sensational. A cool as fuck 80s riff and a killer hook makes this a summer jam where you can almost smell the Cali coast. The pace is so insanely calculated, it is infectious and builds in all the right places whilst the three sisters harmonise brilliantly, a well tuned band making alternative pop of the highest standard.

So make a note as one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year as I am quietly confident it will live up to the hype.


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