Every Reason Why Ke$ha’s Video For ‘Crazy Kids’ Is Amazing

Regan Okey

Ke$ha has released a new music video to the latest single from her second album ‘Warrior’ and let’s be honest, it’s Ke$ha, of course it was going to live up to the name of the track. It’s as ‘crazy’ as ever. The ‘Crazy Kids’ video sees the singer sporting a new look as she runs around with a new hairstyle, some great cornrow braids, a grill (yes really) and some dead classy and ridiculously large hooped earrings. But of course this is a class that only Ke$ha can pull off, because whilst none of it makes sense, the singer manages to keep you enticed throughout.

The video aired ahead of the finale of her MTV show, My Crazy Beautiful Life. Now, something that confuses me is how Ke$ha’s second album didn’t manage to live up to the success of her first. Her debut album Animal hit no.1 on the Billboard 200 in 2010, and was certified platinum. However when Warrior was released, the album failed to make it any further than its peak position of number 6. A strong music video is exactly what Ke$ha needs to ensure her next album (if she gets to make one) can see the same original success.

Not that I encourage this kind of mental behaviour (I do, I really do), but I have to say, don’t you just want Ke$ha to be your best friend? Girl is mental, and in all the right ways. The video opens with her walking up the road, hood up (obviously) sporting some serious Deirdre Barlow specs and a whole lot of gold bling. This should already be enough to make you never want to see anything ever again, and yet girl rocks it just fine. As she enters a house and high fives her friends inside, including some serious hulking black men working them weights, she starts to give us a cheeky solo dance, surrounded by gold. Lots and lots of gold. An eye has been drawn onto her hand and now the illuminati rumours are going to spiral out of control again, but she’s done that on purpose of course. A bit like the grill in her mouth, as much as I love Ke$ha, that does just make it seem like she’s got an overbite. Dancing next to two golden lions is a nice touch though I have to say.

There is a reference to drinking a fridge full of urine. It depends how you want to take that part of the video. If you’ve seen a recent particular performance of her’s then you’ll know what I mean, but if you avoid that, this video is just brilliant. It’s an all over the place mess, with a house covered in gold and tinsel, but it works!

When she sits on the long sofa in-between two GORGEOUS dogs, she’s having an amazing time being queen of the animal world. You can see it as she tries to look all serious. Next, one of the dogs runs into a golden spacesuit which is revealed to be will.i.am. Well, technically it is a hologram of will.i.am, but it’s a nice touch and adds to the ‘crazy’ in a way that almost makes you forget that he’s just not there because he probably couldn’t be bothered, almost.

If you blink, you might miss it, but there is also a random mini horse in the video and it’s just hilarious. will.i.am is… rapping? Can we call what he does rapping? He’s doing that anyway, and then he strolls through the house towards the best part of the video which is the pool party where there’s just a horse in a room, doing nothing, just living life – it’s fab!

Around the 2.05 mark you get to see Ke$ha’s last look for the video, all glammed up with her hair did. Girl looks HOT! She is surrounded by a pool full of old bearded men and some old ladies too as they’re… girating in the pool? It’s all a bit much, but it’s incredibly entertaining to watch. She dances around covered in gold with her long blonde wig hair flowing, and she really does look beautiful.

The middle eighth of the song/video reminds you that Ke$ha may be a crazy hot mess that loves cats, alcohol, glitter and bearded men, but she’s also a damn good singer. There is something really beautiful about the middle eighth of this song and sometimes Ke$ha makes you forget that she can actually sing with all the crazy she gives us. I won’t ruin it for you but she looks stunning, even with her new gold tooth.

Overall, I really would give this video an 8/10. Whilst the song is strong, the will.i.am part is completely pointless and not needed, and the song would just benefit without. The video gets points for being completely mental and making absolutely no sense, but in a magical way that only Ke$ha can pull off. What I think should happen now is simple. Ke$ha should either walk away from this album and go back to the drawing board, or, she should release ‘All That Matters’ or ‘Out Alive’ or ‘Last Goodbye’ – three strong tracks from the album that would see success. Commercially the first two would probably do best, but as she seems to be trying new things, ‘Last Goodbye’ would make sense, to show a sensitive side to the singer.

Either way, let’s be honest Ke$ha, I’ll be buying your third album, and maybe even your fourth if you haven’t been locked up in the loony bin by then. I’m pretty sure most of the gays I know will be there trying to break you out if that’s the case anyway. So what, does this mean I get to be the getaway driver?

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