Literally, It Could Be Worse

The new attention grabbing phenomena, It Could Be Worse, which was co-created by two of the shows own stars, Mitchell Jarvis and Wesley Taylor, is unlike any other show out there. The story follows the daily life of a struggling gay New York City actor, Jacob Gordon (Taylor), trying to live his life as happy and normal as possible. Unfortunately, for Jacob, that does not quite work out!

This is NOT just another cliché sitcom with a boring storyline of an actor that wants to become famous… It Could Be Worse can be described as an emotionally charged cinematic comedy. Soaring just above crazy, it’s not hesitant to speedily crash back down to reality in order to make the viewer realize that these are actual every day life situations – well, maybe some of them. By the middle of the first episode, you really do understand the literality of ‘it could be worse.’

The season begins with Jacob regretfully waking up to find a stranger in his bed from the previous night, before quickly realizing that he has a major hangover and another strenuous acting audition to get ready for. On the way to the audition, his sweet mother delightfully gives him a call to (not so) subtly inform him that she and his dad are separating; she breaks the news all the while laughing with her new lover(s) in the background… What a joy that must be to hear!

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During their conversation, ‘Mr. Gordon’ has to quickly switch lines from his mom to receive an ‘important call.’ The call just so happens to be his doctor, informing him that he in fact does not have herpes. …Yikes, that was a close call, right? After he has a quick, huge sigh of relief, the doctor nonchalantly says, “Oh, you do have syphilis. When should we schedule that penicillin shot?”

I’m pretty sure you can tell where this is leading, and you are definitely right – to things that are even worse.

Starting off as very small individual episodes on their website, It Could Be Worse became increasingly popular after the first season, and has branched out, ultimately with both the first and second season being put on hulu.

I guarantee you, after getting just one glimpse of this new hit series, you will understand the hype. You will not want to stop watching and wondering, what could be worse.

Find out more about It Could Be Worse from the official site here, and catch it on hulu here.