Little Boots – Nocturnes – Review

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Give up everyone, pack up your things and go home, yes even you at the back Gaga stop fiddling with your album app hybrid opus, seriously stop it, we will hit you. Pop has been completed, we don’t need anymore. Thank you Little Boots.

Earlier this week Little Boots released her sophomore album, Nocturnes, and what a doozy it turned out to be. Since 2010 LB has teased us with the direction of her new sound. A confident, gloomy style of pop has become her calling card, which thankfully has come up with Nocturnes, a 10 track treat for your ears.

little boots nocturnes

Repeating beats and phrases are the order of the day as Little Boots takes you on a surprisingly emotional journey. The first track, ‘Motorway‘, sets up the theme of the album as LB beckons you to runaway with her. You’re quickly taken down to da’ club and unlike the sterile dance hall of dreams that Britney sings about, you can genuinely feel the dirt and grime of Little Boots’ world as she Shakes and yells with the crowd till it makes an unimaginable ‘Crescendo‘. The stand out track has to be ‘Strangers‘, a subtle, never gonna be a single, tale of two former lovers dancing beside each other as though they’d never met. Beautiful and heartbreaking.

The artwork, track listing and vibe makes this the perfect package of pop. If you prefer your tunes to be not so typically sugar sweet and with a touch of heart ache and longing, then you can’t go wrong with Nocturnes. This is one album we are going to have stuck on repeat for the rest of the year.


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