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Eight fantastic episodes have flown by and there is now a special place in my heart for Looking. Initially, this finale felt like the epilogue of the last episode, the morning after – quick literally. But I was tricked, lulled into a false sense of security, just so the show could hit me with a couple more sexy twists of OMG proportions.

I want to get my least favorite character out of the way to start with so that I can focus on all the good stuff that comes after. Agustin. You deserve worse than what you get and that’s because Frank is such a collected, smart person who is sensible even when so hurt from betrayal.

The next morning, Agustin hasn’t even started collecting his stuff to move out the apartment when Frank comes home. He then proceeds to try to tell Frank what is the right way to deal with their relationship.

Oh NO he did NOT!

Oh, yes he did.

The two begin to argue. Frank tries to bite his tongue until Agustin pushes him too far and he reads the shit out of him, saying: ‘if you ever do follow through with something, its going to be mediocre at best’. So much props to O. T. Fagbenle for the beautiful delivery of his lines, cutting and cruel but never with a raised tone.

We also learn, through this exchange of quick draw words, that Agustin comes from a wealthy family. Which puts him squarely is the waster wannabe category of person with too much time and not enough talent.

He takes some pills from a draw in the house before leaving. He spends the rest of the day tripping on a bus and continuing to be a waste of space. Eventually, he ends up at Dom’s pop up where Patrick finds him.

Meanwhile, the pop up is almost ready and Dom is still fretting. His concern for a successful night is somewhat overshadowed by Lynn being so absent and not returning his calls. He knows he has acted poorly but worries that it could be too late to make amends with a man he might just have feelings for.

When Lynn does appear, it’s with a hot younger man, a friend who sort of flirts with Dom, who doesn’t even notice. He’s finally growing up!

Quotable lines are all over this episode. During the awkward welcoming encounter Dom utters the words ‘why have you been gushing all over this guy?!’ for innuendo cringey goodness.

Then, while he and Doris discuss this new ‘‘friend’’, Doris get confused as to whether she is a gay man or not. She notes the attractiveness of the friend with a ‘I wouldn’t mind if he sat on my face. Oh, uh, I want to sit on his face, is what I mean’.

The night gets busier and by the ending it’s an exciting, successful evening which has Dom grinning from ear to ear. The final piece is Lynn. He takes him aside just as he’s about to leave and tries to apologize, to explain himself. Then he kisses Lynn.

To be honest, it felt a bit forced and a tad rushed; though that could be because it was anticlimactic. They’ve kissed before and nothing came of it. I do hope that this time is different.

Finally, Patrick. My goofy, sexy, optimistic, naive, a million adjectives more, man. He goes to Richie’s shop to try to speak to him about what happened. Bless his heart, he knocks before entering the barbers.

Richie barely acknowledges him and takes him outside to talk, cautiously watching the street. Afraid of being seen with a man in that part of town? Acting like a tough guy?

Richie tells him he needs space. He’s cold and uncaring which makes Patrick dejected. They part ways with Patrick thinking they are done for good and Richie leaning more towards ‘‘on a break’’.

At the pop-up, Agustin asks Patrick why he even likes Richie. To which he replies that it’s because of his personality, ‘he is who he is’ and has no qualms about that. And he’s hot.

Despite my personal hopes for a Kevin and Patrick coupling, I think Patrick loves love, the idea of love. At the moment, he’s hoping that’s Richie because he genuinely likes him, but at the same time he’s not going to be strung along when there is another avenue of hope to take. Patrick doesn’t ever admit his affection for Kevin, though it is obvious.

Agustin answers Patrick’s phone as Kevin keeps calling him. Somehow not content with his rooftop apology to Patrick; role reversal, Kevin is desperate to try and stop them from growing apart.

Now follows the best scene of the series.

Arriving at the office, Patrick becomes confused when Kevin tells him that the work he called him up to help with has been sorted already. Kevin has probably had a beer or two beforehand though is certainly not drunk.

Smiling at the strange situation and his lack of understanding, Patrick is taken aback when Kevin declares:

‘do you know how much effort it takes to be around you every day…it takes all my willpower not to lunge and kiss the fucking shit out of you and I can’t seem to stop thinking about you and its becoming a real fucking problem.’

The feels all over.

Glossing over Kevin’s boyfriend, when they kiss this time Kevin does it with purpose and Patrick kisses him back. There is a passionate lust in their kiss that shows both their eagerness and real connection.

A glorious sex scene follows where, significantly, Patrick chooses to bottom for the first time. It’s intimate and careful, then powerful and the stuff wet dreams are made of.

Afterwards, they both can’t stop grinning ridiculously.


Patrick: So now what?

Kevin: I don’t know, Patrick


And we won’t know till next season! However, there is one final scene and a final twist of emotional knife in the gut of love stories.

When Patrick returns to his apartment he discovers Richie is waiting for him. Richie opens up that he has issues with his pride when he’s disrespected – question, when did that happen?! He doesn’t want to fall in love with him if he isn’t ready, which Richie doesn’t think he is. Patrick sheds a few tears and they part ways.

I feel like Patrick tried and Richie mostly shied away and didn’t see the times when Patrick was really trying. He doesn’t recognize that he isn’t familiar with being a boyfriend and is learning.

During the shenanigans, Agustin has let himself into the flat. Hoping that Patrick will let him have his old room back. Sadly, you just know that’s where it’ll pick up next season, Agustin all moved back in and Patrick seeing Kevin on the side. Maybe he’ll have broken up with the boyfriend who’s name I’ll have forgotten by then, John or something.

This show is still everything I needed it to be. It is one of the few shows that feels fresh and exciting every week, managing to be topical and modern without forcing it down our throats and starring hugely interesting actors.

I’ll just spend the time till next season re-watching and re-watching….maybe certain scenes more than others.

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