Looking forward to Dominion Season 2

Daniel Wren

2015 will have a few new TV shows for us – as Barry Quinn so expertly pointed out earlier this week. I’m particularly looking forward to Dominion – a Syfy original and sort-of sequel to the 2010 film Legion.

Legion, for those who saw it, had a very simple premise: God has gone, and the distraught angels blame humans. The film sees angels descending upon a diner near the Mojave Desert, and a wingless Archangel Michael has to arm the diner’s patrons to fight back against the monstrous angelic hordes.

Dominion is set in the future of Legion – some 25 years later. There’s a Chosen One (of course), and angels have largely laid waste to human civilisation. What remains are a few pockets of resistance – city states and forts. The action takes place in the new city of Vega, which is built on the ruins of Los Vegas, where Michael aids the humans in fighting off the attacks of his human-hating brother, Gabriel.

The series sports a number of soap actors I remember from my younger days – such as Christopher Egan from Home and Away and Roxanne McKee from Hollyoaks – plus Giles from Buffy. Dominion‘s is also an interesting cosmology – Egan’s Alex, for instance, is covered with cryptic, changing tattoos that have prophetic importance. There are low angels that possess humans, and higher angels, who can simply disguise themselves among mortals. Oh, and there’s a female-oriented city-state called Helena, ruled by a lesbian who’s having a relationship with Uriel, the sister of both Micheal and Gabriel.

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Syfy took a chance when it commissioned its first original shows in 2011. Not all of them went anywhere. Luckily, Dominion did okay in the ratings and has been commissioned for a second series – due to hit screens in 2015. That’s 13 new episodes of wo/man versus angels, political dynasties vying for power and supernatural drama.

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