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The eighth episode of Looking’s brilliant second season was an eye-opener for our three central characters, all of whom went through some form of personal realisation and/or crisis.

Dom discovered that he is losing Doris to her boyfriend Malik. I for one hope he doesn’t do anything to jeopardise this. Doris is happy, and that makes me and many other viewers happy too. Doris is one of the greatest elements of Looking, and Malik is good for her. Dom needs to get over himself. She has just invested a lot of money into his chicken window venture – if that doesn’t show him how much she loves and appreciates him I don’t know what would. And anyway, when he was with Lynn he pretty much forgot Doris. Dom could do with a new boyfriend.

Agustín, meanwhile, discovers how hard it is dating someone who is HIV positive. When Eddie accidentally… spunks in Agustín’s eye, Agustín worries that he won’t be able to cope dating someone with HIV. He knows that the disease cannot be transmitted this way and yet he worries anyway. But Agustín continued his season two trend of being brilliant by beautifully telling Eddie that he fucked up, yeah, but that he is going to try and get over his insecurities. I am loving Agustín this year. Eddie is the best thing to happen to him so far.

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And Patrick admits to Kevin that he loves him. This moment was so raw and tender and the acting by both Jonathan Groff and Russell Tovey blew me away. They made it simple, and that worked so much better than something which could have been over the top.

Patrick and Kevin go public with their relationship this week, much to the chagrin of their work colleagues, some of whom fear a heterophobic atmosphere. Fuck that. They are so sweet together, especially when Patrick wears Kevin’s jumper to work because, as he said, dating someone who is the same size as you means doubling your wardrobe.

Patrick and Kevin visit a gayming convention to try and sell their new game, and bump into Richie and Brady. Brady is a bit of a deuce, especially when he drunkenly admits how much he and Richie think that Patrick and Kevin aren’t right for one another. But the fact that Richie disagrees with this relationship suggests that Richie still harbours feelings for Patrick. He loves him! It is so obvious.

But now that Patrick is happy, I don’t want anything to ruin that, even if I do love Richie. Of course things won’t be that simple. I predict that Patrick and Richie will hook up in the season finale. I just hope we get a third season to see the outcome of this…

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