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Looking continued its second season with ‘Looking For Gordon Freeman’, perhaps its best episode to date. This was such a fun episode!

Centered around Patrick and Agustín’s halloween party, this was an excuse to get all of the main characters together and to show them having fun. Agustín dressed up as a hairy fairy, Dom as He-Man, and Patrick as Gordon Freeman (who?).

It was weird seeing EVERYONE having fun, because there is usually at least one bit of drama occurring in San Francisco. Agustín, in an attempt to get his bear to stay the night, donned a sparkly outfit and remained happy and positive throughout. I have to say Eddie is the best thing to happen to Agustín; he is so much better in season two. I am rooting for this couple. I just wish Eddie would open up more.

Dom, meanwhile, shows his age when he asks Owen, Patrick’s co-worker, how to work Twitter and Tumblr in an attempt to update his Kickstarter helpers how the restaurant is going. Dom thinks Tumblr is just for porn and so he is genuinely gleeful at discovering this new mode of gaining followers. I think it was blowing, for him, when Doris went to the party with her boyfriend Malik in a couples costume, breaking their tradition. Doris is frightened of falling for Malik, and I was genuinely surprised to see Dom reassuring him. I felt certain that the writers were heading down the route of Dom being jealous of losing his friend, but thankfully they aren’t. This felt refreshing, and not your typical gay storyline.

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Onto Patrick now. He’s having fun, but fun in his own way. This week highlights just how much of a geek he really is (my perfect guy!) as he obsesses over his costume, his playlist, and his karaoke machine. Eddie attempts to pair him up with a mate, but Patrick is having none of it when Richie and his boyfriend turn up. It’s clear that Patrick is jealous of Brady, and makes an ass of himself during a discussing about PreP. That was a facepalm moment. I was cringing for him, even when everyone else was laughing. And can I just say, Doris’s declaration of ‘pussy cancer’ is perhaps the greatest moment of Looking ever!

Despite initially turning down the e-vite, Kevin turns up with his boyfriend Jon, leading to a spectacular breakdown for Patrick. He drunkenly turns off the music, generates a lacklustre whip round for Dom, laments how great Agustín is now, insults Brady for being ginger, and almost lets the cat out of the bag about his affair with Kevin. This scene was hilarious and heartbreaking simultaneously as it showed how messed up Patrick is, and how much Kevin in particular has messed him up.

Afterwards Patrick and Kevin talk and Patrick says he doesn’t want Kevin to leave and it looks as though they’re going to kiss until Jon turns up. Jon looks suspicious, but he doesn’t question anything at all. What an idiot.

I wish Patrick would decide what he wants and fight for it. With only four episodes left, and falling ratings, it looks as though Looking may not return for a third season. As such I want closure. And I want a happy Patrick.

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