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With a third season currently not commissioned, ‘Looking for Home’ could very well act as both a season and series finale of Looking.

It has enough in it to leave me, as a viewer, satisfied should a third season not be announced, but I desperately want another season. Looking makes gay people normalised, and for that it is one of the best shows on television at the minute.

The finale, and season two as a whole, is very much about Patrick and Kevin, so we’ll get the others out of the way first. Firstly, Agustín does pretty much nothing this week, but it was nice to see him delve once more into the art world and to see him genuinely happy with Eddie. Should HBO renew Looking, I want Daniel Franzese upgraded to the main cast. Eddie is just a delight.

Dom, meanwhile, is looking to make amends with Doris, and seeks Malik’s advice. Malik loves Doris, as he admits to Dom. I am so happy for Doris because she appears to have a genuinely brilliant guy, and I am glad that Dom didn’t try to ruin their relationship.

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What niggled me about this plot, though, was how much we were told about how Doris and Dom missed one another, but we weren’t shown it as such. Perhaps they should have fallen out earlier in the season so that we could see the affect it had upon one another. In turn this would have made their reunion more satisfying. But either way, they’ve agreed that they need to distance themselves from one another. She is no longer his hag.

Now I had a feeling Patrick’s newfound happiness would be short lived, but I never expected it to fizzle out a mere episode later. He’s barely moved in with Kevin before discovering that Kevin wants an open relationship, of sorts, in that he wants a free pass should he get a ‘massage’ or a ‘tug’ in a sauna. In other words, Kevin is a deuce. Who’d have thought it?

I am gutted about this development because I absolutely adore Patrick and Kevin together, though admittedly Kevin did say he was willing to change, leaving all cards on Patrick’s table. I have no idea what direction Patrick will take, but he adores Kevin so I can picture him taking him back.

Should this be the end of Looking, you could very well read that final scene as Patrick moving on from Kevin and rekindling things with Richie, so I guess that leaves some form of closure and satisfaction. But I want more Looking, dammit!

Hypothetically speaking, I don’t know where season three will take us. I’ve read an interview with the show’s creator who posited that Kevin will still be a part of the show, but that Patrick may have a new love interest altogether. We’ve seen him try with both Richie and Kevin, so perhaps this may be the smart move to take, but I love both Richie and Kevin; I don’t think my feels could handle another adorable love interest.

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As for Dom, I wish he’d hurry up and open his chicken window. This story is tiresome. And Agustín needs to continue being better, so Eddie had best stick around.

Fingers crossed we get a third season!

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