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Looking is being clever in its second season thus far. The majority of the second episode revolves around Patrick, and lets face it, that is only a good thing. He, out of the three original characters, is the only truly engaging character – Agustín is still a prick, and Dom is still mildly boring.

Whatever hopes I had for Agustín last week were quickly squandered this week. After calling Patrick down for his ‘affair’ with Kevin, he goes onto call Doris a ‘fag-hag’ (I mean, she totally is, but there are probably better ways of phrasing it) and tries to find Eddie, the bear he met in the woods. But then he takes drugs, says something (which I guess is going to come back to bite Patrick in the ass) in Spanish to Richie, and promptly passes out. I feel like Looking would be better if Agustín got killed off or something…

Onto Dom, now. He’s in an open-relationship with Lynn, and whilst it’s all lovely at the moment, you just know one is going to fall for the other harder. My money is on Dom. He’ll hear about Lynn sleeping with someone else and get extremely jealous, which is a shame because I like them as a couple. But it would be boring if everything was fine and dandy.

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But it’s Patrick who has the best story this week. After an EXTREMELY cute hotel scene with Kevin (replete with adorable Tovey – seriously, is he just perfect boyfriend material?) Patrick has an HIV scare, in which he becomes convinced that a rash on his stomach is a symptom. It’s not, of course, but his crisis allows him to look at his relationship with Kevin more closely than he ever has before, and he later confides in Kevin about his doubts. Cutely, Kevin tells him to confide in him more. Fuck, I think I just fell for this couple more than I ever thought I would! Now we just need to get Jon, Kevin’s boyfriend, out of the way.

But another obstacle arises in the form of Richie, who returns this week when stumbling upon a passed out Agustín. After taking him to Patrick, he and Patrick reminisce, and Patrick lies by saying he isn’t seeing someone, before asking Richie out for lunch. I have two thoughts on this. Firstly, Raúl Castillo looks SO much better with the facial hair – don’t go shaving it for a wedding, this time. And secondly, say yes already! Patrick and Richie are a cute couple – Richie brings out a side of Patrick that Kevin fails to produce. I said it last week, but currently I’m struggling to pick who I think Patrick should ultimately end up with. Both Kevin and Richie are good for him. Maybe a permanent three-way relationship? I can dream.

By shaving off air-time for Agustín and Dom (well, Agustín in particular) and bringing Doris, Kevin and Richie more into the limelight, Looking season two looks set to be better than the first. And the first season was pretty damn brilliant.

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