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Now this was a good episode.

Looking season two, thus far, has been brilliant, but the inconsistency with Agustín has annoyed me greatly. He is finally making tracks to become a better person, however, so I have my fingers crossed that this all continues. ‘Looking Down the Road’ was a good episode for everyone.

Whilst Doris is still marginalised, she has a brilliant idea to kickstart Dom’s chicken shop – by literally doing that: signing him up to Kickstarter. He’s reluctant at first, but after a heart-to-heart with Lynn, he later concedes. He has to start doing something to make his dream come true. Though to be honest, I’d much rather they run a Kickstarter for their movie about the young rent boy – I’d donate to that one. Give Doris more to do, please.

It’s a pretty serious week all round, as Dom, after an awkward three-way with Lynn and Matthew in the hot tub, decides that he wants more. He doesn’t want an open relationship, but Lynn is having none of it. I knew that these two characters would part eventually, I just hope Dom doesn’t go running meekly back. I have a feeling he will, though. He deserves much better than Lynn – somebody at the same point in life as he is, and not somebody who has done much better.

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Agustín, meanwhile, is keen to move things forward with Eddie, though I have a feeling Eddie doesn’t want the same things. I hope this eventually turns into a storyline about Eddie being reluctant because of his HIV status – I think Looking would be a perfect show to explore the very real issue of HIV stigma in society. Eddie and Agustín could quite easily have a happy and safe sexual relationship, despite Eddie being positive. I think it could take this to make Agustín a truly good character, one which we empathise with. And to be honest, the more Eddie the better. He is camp with a capital C, and totally hilarious!

Now onto the Patrick-Kevin-Richie saga. I have a feeling Richie is trying to make Patrick jealous, which is utterly pointless because he could have him in a heartbeat if he wanted. I don’t think Patrick would be able to say no to him. They are so cute together, and have an amazing chemistry. And Richie just looks so much hotter with his facial hair. Keep it.

I think I have finally decided who I want Patrick to end up with – Richie.

Because Kevin was an utter prick this week. After a cute breakfast and the admission that Patrick was bullied and nicknamed ‘Fatrick’ (FYI – I find that nickname strangely endearing!) it all went downhill. When Kevin promised to end things with Jon, I just knew it wouldn’t be that simple. And it isn’t. Because even though Kevin admitted that he wanted a future with Patrick (that rooftop scene was adorable, with great acting from Jonathan Groff and Russell Tovey) he couldn’t end it with Jon. What a bastard. He wants his cake, and he wants to eat it too.

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Which was totally fine with me, until he hurt Patrick. And then I realised he isn’t good for Patrick. So I was rooting for him to push Kevin away when Kevin kissed him in Esta Noche (as a side note – Youtube ‘Esta Noche’ from Azealia Banks and prepare to groove, because I’ve had this song in my head ever since this episode) and thankfully he did. I didn’t like seeing Patrick so dejected at the end, though. But now I hope he moves on and trys to get back with Richie.

I have a feeling it won’t be that simple though…

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