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‘Who are you, and what have you done with Agustín?’

That seems to be the central message of Looking’s penultimate episode as angst abounds between the characters. This is a very moody episode with nary a positive image, until the brilliant close, that is.

We’ll start with Dom. Basically, Dom is a dick this week, as he pisses off his oldest and best friend, Doris. This story has been brewing all season. I’m only surprised that it’s taken this long to occur. It’s been clear for quite some time that Dom is jealous of Malik, and that is only because he himself is single. It was different when he was mooning over Lynn; he gladly forgot about Doris as he engaged in that relationship.

I don’t like how Dom treated Doris. As she so succinctly put it, they are the fag and the hag. It’s about time she released herself from those shackles. I really hope she and Malik are happy together. She and Dom will make friends again, in the final no doubt, but their relationship as it currently stands isn’t healthy. They need space and they need their own lives and identity. Plus, Doris needs to be happy. Because a happy Doris is a funny Doris.

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Agustín this week bumps into his ex, Frank, who is also a dick. But I guess that is understandable. I was never a fan of Frank, so thankfully my first thought upon seeing him (that he and Agustín would reunite) didn’t come to fruition. No, because Agustín and Eddie finally make their relationship official. I absolutely adore Eddie, so the longer he’s on the show, the better really. He has been the best thing possible for Agustín; I much prefer Agustín to Dom this year.

I have to admit that Patrick’s sister, Marie, is perhaps the biggest dick of them all. She is so unfair. Patrick, Kevin and Jon has nothing to do with her and yet she is being so cruel, especially when she states that Patrick basically gets away with anything because he is gay – in particular that he doesn’t have to provide their parents with children because he is gay. What. A. Dick.

It was brilliant seeing Patrick’s mother return this week, though. She was great in season one, and even better here. She appears to have mellowed somewhat, and it was nice that she accepted Kevin instantly. I hope that this is the turning point for Patrick and his mother, because from the sounds of it he has a pretty shitty childhood and they have some years to catch up on.

I have to admit that Kevin and Patrick probably are rushing it by moving in together so quickly, but I’m happy they are at the same time. I am loving this relationship – Richie, Richie who? And can I just say – I’d love to see Kevin and Patrick get it on against that bathroom window… There’s always next week.

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Next week could quite possible be the last episode of Looking as a third season has thus far not been confirmed by HBO. Ratings have been down this season, annoyingly, but they’ve been on the up for the past few episodes. I can’t see Looking being an expensive show to produce (in comparison to Game of Thrones) so hopefully HBO will take that into consideration and give us another season, even if it’s a shorter final one. I hate shows that are left hanging!

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