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I am annoyed with the second season of Looking. And that is all because of Agustín. He is so inconsistent; one moment I think he has redeemable qualities, the next he’s a colossal prick, then the next moment he’s sweet as pie again.

He was surprisingly sweet in ‘Looking Top To Bottom’; he apologised to Richie for being a dick with him, and got his beard trimmed, before being all lovey-dovey with Eddie. Last week I hated him, but now I’m liking him again. I think I’ll always have a love-hate relationship with him because, he’ll always do dick things when he’s had a drink. Here’s hoping he and Eddie form something nice because, I have a feeling Agustín and Richie will be hooking up; and I sincerely hope not. Dicks before… dicks, as the old saying goes. Don’t go making moves on your BEST FRIEND’S ex. Oh no. But there is chemistry there.

Onto Dom now, who is still happy with Lynn but, of course something comes along to screw that up. Namely Lynn’s interference in Dom’s work life. There is always going to be tension between these two I feel, chiefly because of the age difference. Twenty years is a lot, and as they’re both in different places in their lives, they’ll both want different things. Lynn is settled in his work and is rather wealthy, and yet Dom isn’t. He knows what he wants but he doesn’t know how to get there. I know Lynn is trying to do well, but he’ll end up alienating Dom, I think.

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It’s nice that Doris is getting a storyline too. She’s getting rimmed by her new bae; it would have been nicer to see this relationship blossom, as we did with Patrick and Richie, Patrick and Kevin, and Dom and Lynn, but so long as she’s happy that’s what matters. In true Looking style, though, things are bound to go downhill.

I still can’t work out who I want Patrick to be with. It was brilliant seeing him and Kevin as a couple, but two main points stuck out to me. Most prominently was, of course, Kevin sneaking out of bed after they had sex (as a side note – hot sex scene! that’s always a bonus) to ring his boyfriend. I don’t like Patrick being unfaithful here; it’s out of character. Secondly when Agustín was discussing Richie with Patrick, Patrick still showed some glimmer of hope about rekindling their friendship, suggesting he’s not entirely over him. By upgrading Raúl Castillo to the main cast, you just know he and Patrick are going to hook up eventually. Otherwise, what is the point?

I have a feeling Kevin will split with Jon, JUST as Patrick shacks up with Richie. I’m still hoping on a three-way though; that’s the only outcome which will make me entirely happy. Because, I love both Kevin and Richie, and whichever one’s heart gets broken by Patrick (as it inevitably will), it’ll break my heart too.

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