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An absence of Dom allows the two best stories of Looking’s second season to prosper and what is produced are some genuinely heartwarming scenes. ‘Looking for Truth’, like season two in general, was all about Patrick, and that is very much a good thing.

This week Patrick helps Richie drive an old ice-cream truck as a pretext for rekindling their friendship. At this point I don’t know what Patrick wants from this friendship, but I hope it isn’t rebound sex, and I hope he doesn’t attempt to split Richie and Brody up. He’s attempted that once before with Kevin and Jon, and ultimately it was Patrick who was hurt the most.

But as we follow Richie through his childhood home we learn that Patrick broke Richie’s heart. Richie, it seems, was more invested in their relationship than Patrick, and it was blowing to hear Richie’s cousin let this slip, more so when she later said she was rooting for them because Richie was so happy. Trust us, we were rooting for them too.

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This all leads to Patrick making an admission: that he slept with Kevin the night that Richie put his feelings out there. This, of course, pisses Richie off, but he says that he’d be sad if Patrick wasn’t in his life. All together now: awwwww. It’s stuff like this that makes me root for Richie. I was all for Kevin until he broke Patrick’s heart and now I want Patrick and Richie to get back together. But of course it isn’t going to be that straightforward, right? This is Looking, after all. I just hope that Patrick and Richie can mend their fractured friendship.

Speaking of Kevin, after Patrick leaves an office party, he calls Jon to the office. This all felt forced to me, and I think it’s plain to see that Kevin is regretting not telling Jon. He positively wants Patrick, but feels as though his time has come and gone. It’s surely only a matter of time before Jon finds out.

Now onto Agustín. After hearing Patrick ‘spank the monkey’ (seriously, does anyone use this term anymore?), he has to decide whether to go into work, or clean the hairballs out of the shower. I know which one I’d prefer. So season two Agustín (i.e. nice Agustín) heads to work to discover that Eddie is home sick. I am just loving this friendship, so it was nice to discover that Eddie was faking being ill for a day off, and he gets high and dances with Agustín.

Now Eddie is the epitome of camp, and his camp dancing was laugh out loud hilarious to behold! Ultimately it pays off as he and Agustín get it on – though, as Eddie stresses, it’s a onetime thing. Yeah, whatever Eddie. Agustín is falling hard, and Eddie is so much better for him than Frank – that relationship was toxic. I just hope there is some happiness for Agustín, otherwise he’ll regress to being a prick again.

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Dom wasn’t really missed this week, as his storyline has stalled somewhat now that Lynn is out of the picture. That said, Doris was missed – her humour was needed in this episode, I feel, which in parts felt too serious for Looking. Hopefully she’ll be back next week in a BIG way.

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