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I am SO glad that HBO’S stunning Looking has received a wrap-up movie after it was unjustly cancelled after just two seasons. But Looking: The Movie is bittersweet. Everything is (mostly) nicely wrapped up come the close of the feature-length episode, but it has left me craving more. I don’t want to say goodbye to these characters at all.

Catching up with the trio a year after the events of season two, Patrick has left for Denver to escape his conflicting feelings, Dom’s chicken window is a success, and Agustín is gearing up to tie the knot with Eddie. It’s Dom who is perhaps served badly in this movie. His story doesn’t really have a form of closure. Yeah, sure, he’s finally achieved his dream of having his own business serving food. But nobody cared about that. As cheesy as it would’ve been, I half expected and half hoped that Lynn would rock up and sweet Dom off of his feet. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. But Dom looks set to shack up with Eddie’s BFF, so perhaps there’s hope still. Unfortunately we won’t get to see whether it works out, so it’s left up to our own imaginations.

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Agustín, however, has come full circle. After some truly disastrous decisions in season one which made me HATE him, Agustín finally began to claw back some favour in season two. Here, Agustín is just brilliant. Wedding nerves aside, Agustín and Eddie truly look happy together, and I hope that their union lasts. Eddie is better for Agustín than Frank ever was (sidenote: Frank was as bitchy as ever!).

But Dom and Agustín have always been secondary in Looking. The story is all about Patrick. As great as it is to see Doris happy with Malik and planning on having a baby (as well as embracing her heterosexuality, yet!), it’s Patrick whose story we care for the most. And, well… he hasn’t changed all that much. Sure, he’s fucking about a bit more now, but he’s still as conflicted as ever. It was only a matter of time that he met up with Richie and Kevin, right? (Another sidenote: I am SO glad that Patrick and Dom didn’t hook up. I was genuinely scared for a moment that they were going to go in that direction!).

Going into this final episode I still wasn’t sure who I wanted Patrick to end up with. Richie is sweet as fuck, and Kevin is hot as fuck. Both of them are good and bad for Patrick. Both bring out the best and worst in him.

Thankfully, Kevin gave me a very good reason to root for Richie, as he turns into a complete and utter dick when he meets up with Patrick. He has no right to be a dick, either. Kevin fucked up his relationship entirely with Patrick, and no matter how much he scolds Patrick for being too scared to see how things could’ve worked out, Kevin was a dick. So the fact that he tries to make Patrick feel back cements how much of a bad person he is. And to think that I rooted for them for so long. Kevin here is completely unrecognisable to the Kevin back in season one. But, at least he’s leaving San Francisco, meaning there’s a job opening for Patrick. As least Kevin did a good thing before departing.

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And so we some to Richie. He’s still with Brody, but it’s clear that he doesn’t care that much for him. Which makes it all the more greater when Brody turns into a little bitch towards the end of the movie. I have no idea what Richie ever saw in him. But when Richie left with Brody, I seriously thought Looking was going to end with Patrick being alone. My heart broke a little when Patrick watched everybody dancing happily, while he was miserable inside. Then my heart mended when Richie turned up and Patrick kissed him. Then it broke again when Richie said he wanted to leave. Looking: The Movie really was a rollercoaster of emotions!

But as we come to an end, it looks as though they’re giving their relationship another go. Whether it’s in San Francisco or Texas doesn’t really matter (though Agustín saying Patrick should return to the city certainly hints that they’re going to stay put), the fact that Patrick gives Richie the chance to make his own decision, and the fact that Richie ultimately happily nods along with Agustín, suggests that their relationship is going to prosper. And I couldn’t be happier.

Well, that’s a lie. I would be much happier with another season but, alas, at least we got closer.

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